)( 💙 * THE EVENT ENERGIES 💙 )( 4th Density full anchored in Gaia ~ NEW EARTH NOW

)( 💙 * THE EVENT ENERGIES 💙 )( 4th Density full anchored in Gaia ~ NEW EARTH NOW

)( 💙 * THE EVENT ENERGIES 💙 )( 4th Density full anchored in Gaia ~ NEW EARTH NOW
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Patricia Cota-Robles – Return To Christ Consciousness –
Divine Alchemy: We Are Becoming Crystalline Light Beings –
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39 thoughts on “)( 💙 * THE EVENT ENERGIES 💙 )( 4th Density full anchored in Gaia ~ NEW EARTH NOW

  1. Thanks YOU PAUL
    For your kindness
    I am still weak in many ways, DARK & PIT AHEAD OF me.
    Always needs YOUR prayers supports my physical illness.
    Special habits going unbalance.
    Needs lot help!
    Thanks YOU ❤ SWEETIE ONE
    Who i need it the most#
    Blessings ❤ LOVES in all your days# ❤
    More of ELOHIM less
    Of me"

  2. Greetings our BELOVED PAUL
    Yes absolutely
    I am awake and vibration rising!
    Thanks to YOU PUAL
    WAKE me up!
    YOU Got me and allow me to be pet!
    I am enjoying Your
    Company of lights
    Blessed day!

  3. The truth is that/
    Those mockery are doing it to prosper ELOHIM YAHUSHUA &ABBA FATHER
    ALL BEINGS ❤ ❤ ❤ blessed day🙏🌄
    💘💘 💘 💘 HALLELUJAH~

    Though i do not desrves.
    And many are enjoying the beauty from ABOVE🙏🌄
    Only few enjoy..
    Most are loves to mockery the way out…
    Two ways raod for sheeps & goats
    As always &TRUTH?

  5. You asked and you shall receive abundantly! Love you dearly my brother….including your:. 'Kitty Cat with a snag. I guess we can save each other? Lila'tov, who had his cart done, apartment/my. Shalom,!!!!!!!

  6. Very helpful information. Been having a bit of a 'Single White Female' type situation lately which is always an interesting experience. A bit of a recurring theme in my life so this video is helpful and I will try to take the advice offered. Thankyou so much again 🌻🐝❤

  7. We've had stunning sunshine in Devon UK all week . So beautiful outside in nature . The wild geese are back 🐦🐥🐦🐥🐥🐦

  8. Thank you so much ♥ I cried twice listening to this. I feel it. I feel more and more like MYSELF every day, and it's amazing! I remember being 'silenced' in the past for speaking wisdom. So many lifetimes, killed and ostracized, and made to avoid people, made to hide who I was—NO MORE!! I answer to no one but myself! I believe what I choose, and I am what I say I am. I love you all, and want everyone to realize the liberation that is BEING THEMSELVES! ♥

  9. Hey Paul, YES!! We are experiencing massive amounts of light today in Ecuador.. healing mist filled rains today as the spirits of the weather rejoice in the change and upgrade in energy. 🙂

  10. Paul you sound different. You sound powerful. You are powerful 🤭 Things change everyday by the end of the night my understandings change, i become more whole. Our awareness of yesterday seems so small compared to now. The month of March has felt like 3 months. My time/space slowed so I can gather my knowledge and remember. Ask yourselves what harm would it to do imagine you have real dragons that you can call forth when needed? don’t let anything dictate on your imagination! It’s yours to be what you will! It’s a good tool for empowering yourself against negativity. Darkness flees from dragons. In my “imagination” for example I’m a blue dragon..and in that I AM the blue dragon …nice to meet you heehee 😄 feels awesome and Ive been using it to reign in my temper and emotional reactions to negative type scenarios. Coincidentally dragons were brought up in this video today. Coincidence 😉 mmm no it’s time 🙏 💙 I honor and love all thank you for letting me share

  11. GreatFULL for Your Grace and Presence in THIS SO Sacred NOW. Yes, Feeel the Density this Day and SEE it in my actual Physical reality. Did not engage. Held my Vibration, but the Contrast was EXTREME for the Other as she was Paranoid. GreatFULL SO GreatFULL for the Extreme Clarity and Strength of My Heart Now. Blessings, Beautifull Soul❤❤❤🙏

  12. I was very cold at thursday especially the feet. I feel to-day cold in the whole body and need to lie in the bed. Feeling high vibrations in the body.

  13. 73 comments at the moment. Yesterday i saw some 3s and 7s together and i thought of you 😊.
    Today i am having some 33s and 333s showing up to me. I just saw 14% battery and 4:01 pm on my phone and a few minutes later i randomly saw 14% 4:04 pm. Last night 4:41am . I am
    Listening to the gama frequencies playing loudly since last night that i stayed up until late listening to spiritual content videos, yours included, downloaded on my phone as i am too sensitive to wifi and networks emf and my eyes get too sensitive to devices screen lights and radiations and easily get itchy red and achy. This is the free download website. I just block or close the ads showing up getting in the way of the download process https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com
    Many Blessings Light & Love to you and angel kitty 💖💜💛🙏

  14. 💐💐🥰🥰🌈🌏 ahh Spring Energies. I have just been resting and sleeping a lot. Yes it’s best not to engage people who try to convince you their 3D reality is the only one. I was visiting my family and got into a very heated discussion about Trump, so much hatred towards him. I do try to plant some positive thoughts.

  15. I myself felt the love for humanity been seeing 717 911 1111 111 to get out of my comfort zone to get out there in the dark and be me nothing else but me and activate people with my eyes.

  16. Hi Paul….awesome video, much appreciated.
    Sensitive to energy….much energy around my feet and the top of my crown chakra. Actually I have more activity on top of my head. These are new ones. I am working more on letting go of any fear…cause I am new to all this. Much Love and Light !!!!!

  17. I’ve been finding my way to this video since birth… for 37 years this month. Pure love, pure light, and I spend every day trying to make this world a brighter place. Thank you, Paul. ✨

  18. Im trying to remember but i cant iv seen the dragons iv heard those strange sounds in the background of your videos the same sound i get when i slow my videos down im trying to feel unconditional love but i only feel it for Gaia my feet feel a vibration through them like in 2015 . And everytime i watch your videos i start crying . The evil is so close it keeps trying to draw me in i didnt know it was evil until i awoke its everywhere . I feel im letting you all down .

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