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Patricia Cota-Robles – Return To Christ Consciousness –
Divine Alchemy: We Are Becoming Crystalline Light Beings –
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  1. I confirm the face looking like swollen, also massive heat attacks and a red face!! I can tell that then I am reminded to the charge coming from the outside. I also noticed while playing cards, I constantly get double cards which do not serve the game in a direct way…which I decode as as sign that someone wants to let me know he/she is with me during the game : ) – because: VERY unexpectedly I tend to win the games…✨😊💜

  2. 💜🌊🍇)( 💚 !!!!! What to do about 5G though?? Manifest the way to face it and be victorious, I guess! 💜🌊🍇)( 💚

  3. Never thought I'd find someone else who also loves numbers as much as I do lol 😄, so glad I subbed to your channel-you always bring the smiles 😊. My Maltese grandfather was an accountant, a fervent coupon clipper and food sales, beyond the rebates and smart shopper, he'd get ~$50 of food for less than $5 and he used to get kick out of every "number match" he'd come across.

    Recipt total matching the date ($7.77 on July 7th kinda stuff lol-he'd catch it all! 😄), stuff like that, and yes, I inherited it lol-to a lesser degree thankfully (my grandfather essentially had a "mini store" going on in his garage-shopping for the sale/savings more than for use & supply 😕-but he'd ALWAYS make sure we all had enough food-and if not? Come by and get a boxfull lol 👍).

    So, I went to college for Accounting AND made use of the sale/savings skills as a young (and often broke) mother-but I haven't met a "numbers match" that I didn't like 😝👍, so thanQ Paul for this wonderful video. We're getting closer every second now, even today-my Dr. talked of feeling unusually tired these days. Usually a chance to discuss what I know of the "what and why" many are feeling this way-but honestly, I was too tired to even get into it lol. I just agreed and said "All we can do is keep it together these days, right?" smh lol.

    The messages you read are SO timely and so MUCH APPRECIATED Paul, we really are thankfull to be living with so many "like souls" here in 3Dland in these times 😊. We're gettin thru this mess together [ESP with what's coming soon-no matter WHAT, no fear. This has all been meticulously planned 👍, we're gettin our country BACK (!)].

    So ascension energies be damned, the joy of what's coming with our evolutionary upgrade will supersede ALL of the nevative. 😊
    All love, all ONE! And WWG1WGA 🙌.

  4. Thank you for sharing Paul, beautiful messages as always, we love you ❤️🧡💛💚💗💙💜

  5. Love joy peace wealth & abundance its 5 d raise your frequency N O W , something BIG COMING tomorrow . Been waking at 3 am.

  6. Hi Paul, thank you so much once again for a wonderful video.. you speak straight to my heart 💓 thank you for all you are doing for humanity 🥰💜💜💜

  7. Greetings from Venezuela. The Violet Light it is always present in my meditatons. I am one of many star seeds around the world. 💜💜💜🇻🇪💜💜💜

  8. If you would like to see the Real Atlantis with Proof, Please watch my documentary on my YouTube channel. THANK YOU.


  9. It was a “KAH 💥 BOOOOOOM” . Yes I know exactly why and what to do with it . Ohhhh the powers that were are going to hate us.. there’s new breed of light 😊 we came armed…I know I did at least so I know we all are. and we will not be bumped off as drugged up tree hugging hippies this time. Nothing wrong with always be a tree hugger though 🌳🐉💙 It’s a great relief to realize what you are meant to do. Nothing we experienced in these lives was for nothing! REALIZE THAT and think ..find the patterns..what have you struggled with all your life? What have you personally conquered? What parts of songs and/or movies moved you intensely? Watch those and push rewind, the triggers are all around us. Put it all together and go sit in some saltwater bath 🙏💙 good luck and namaste.


  11. All last night during my sleep I was invoking the violet flame ! Not coincidental. The Violet flame is also part of the Global Financial Reset so we will all be free to lead an authentic life free from debt enslavement .

  12. Magnificent Paul, I Bow to the Divine in You.
    I Love You.
    Thank You for All You Do. Humanity is forever in Gratitude for your Loving Service.
    @ 5:31 Light Displays are mentioned. I witnessed something similar this morning at approximately 5am Western Australian time.
    The still dark sky was going off like a flash or lightning would. There were no clouds either.
    Most interesting.
    I also had an incredible dream of merging with my Twin. The energetics I felt were different from any before it. Very profound!
    My Twin awoke from Her slumber on the 21st of March 2019, since then She has been catching up with me. There is much inquisitiveness at present, leading to many question's on all things Truth and Love. Since she came online, my life has become a joy. Wholeness on 1 level has been achieved, unity is to follow.
    Exciting times ahead!!!
    Much Unconditional Love, Gratitude and Blessings to ALL Brother's and Sister's 🙏 ❤️ 🌈 💚

  13. I can second this about the violet flame from telos. It really dose work an so much quicker then we think it would.
    I just flushed my ego mind with the violet flame an asked it to stay there with my ego mind an keep melting it away until there's nothing negative programming left in it as that's where all our fears come from….
    Thank you Paul for bringing this up. I love you to.

  14. Hi Paul. I have Serious itchy skin. its nasty. kinda looks like a heat rash on my chest. I too have been feeling activity at Crown chakra. 48 hours ago I had to take Gravol. And feeling like a purging of negative energy to release. I was Agitated. Bad moods. Its past now. Alot of Highs and Lows . LOVE , LIGHT, AND PEACE!!

  15. So, I seen Blue/Violet light dots and waves first and most. Then came Red, followed by yellow, white, black, brown. I do not see green though, which is my eye color.

    I might be missing colors I see though, I think I see 11 or 12 colors altogether.

    I can tell which stars in the Night Sky are not stars.

  16. What I need is the Violet Flame! Thank you, Paul! I have not commented after Spring Equinox because I did not want to contaminate this comment section with my terrible situation. After Spring Equinox, the shooting operation in my neighborhood led by US Army has been intensified. Those shooters have started targeting even my children. What I need is this Violet Flame to make this aggressive shooting operation into the light. I have collected enough evidence for this shooting operation so that I have decided to write about it to White House and Pentagon. The US Army shooting operations have been led by Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville Alabama. Targeting to shoot children is the lowest of the lowest action. We have been protected by Galactic Federation of Light so that bullets do not penetrate our bodies. But the problem is the aggressive shooting noise bombardments that has contaminated my vibration very much. I have been their target for more than 2 years and proved them their weapons such as guns, rifles and shot guns are not effective at all. And I have gotten enough and enough. What I need is the Violet Flame to transmute their aggression, hatred and greed into the light. And I need to heal myself and cleanse the contamination I've gotten from these shooting operation for 2 years.

  17. Excellent ultraviolet light clearing meditation

  18. Thank you Paul 😇💜 sending love. Something has shifted these last two days in a big way. Hard to explain. But I know it and I’m experiencing it. It’s all so Beautiful

  19. Why am I now a Targeted Individual for Awakening Spritual War, Physic Attacks The Demon I Live With Won't Give In to The Now The Shift Of Consiousness, The Demon Wishes Death On Me Everyday These Attacks Are Severe Gangstalking Thank You For Your Messages Resonating, Violet Flame Please Please Help Me and my 5 Years Old Daughter this is Really A War of Souls. LOVE YOU EVERYONE ❤️ VIOLET FLAME Protect Me From Beverly Pollock Philadelphia PA She has a soul contract with SATAN To Anilate My Light BEING, HELP I had to Quit my Job Gangstalking By Demons Body snatching Entities of Dark Leave We ALone. IAM AN ANGELIC BEING OF LIGHT OF GOD No friends no family Everyone gets body invasion when in my presence the Dark Entities use anyone close to me to attack me. 0010110

  20. OMG.. 1010 views, 144 likes, 37comments ..👍👍👍👍👍
    37 %battery 10.53pm
    Thank you Paul 🌻
    You say 37 exactly at 37 seconds ..

  21. Greetings Paul… Yes powe4ful mighty Violet Flame! I use it every day but today I was called to have a lengthy Violet Flame Meditation for Spiritual Transformation…
    VIOLET FIRE calling all Lightworkers and Light Warriors!!!

  22. May the force be with you all! Starwars, Star Trek, guardians of the galaxy, lord of the rings, James Bond etc, ITS ALL REAL! That’s what we are going back to! They aren’t movies, they are starseeds memories! Hollywood is just satanic clones of some of our higher selves! The bastards have been rubbing it in our faces the entire time! This is one seriously f***ed up illusion! If you resonate with a certain movie character or it’s synchronistic to your life then chances are it’s you in one of your many lives! It’s so awesome, people are starting to see who their higher selves are, the Event has to be this year! Xxxx

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