13 Reasons Why: Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

13 Reasons Why: Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

A new harrowing crime unfolds in Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why, returning August 23rd on Netflix.

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13 Reasons Why: Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Secrets. Lies. Revenge. Everyone at Liberty High has something to hide … and the truth is about to come out.

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31 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why: Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. I like this series, but truth up. Hannah was a little slut who committed suicide for reallly really minor things. Couldve not answered her call and shed be dead.

  2. Honestly I want to know why Tony burnt the papers that Hannah gave to him in seaosns 1 & 2 and clay doesn’t know I want him to know also the missing tapes? I hope they find out that monty got it hope seasons 4 will explain everything this in 4 seasons

  3. Some good moments but lots of repetitive dialogue; eg "Do you actually believe (person) is capable of that?" (Every answer) "I don't know." – everytime.

    Once you see the patterns it'll drive you crazy … another "You have to believe me".

  4. This is one of the most sexist series I’ve watched. And it’s sexist towards men. Feminists claim they’re fighting sexism when they’re creating way more of it

  5. Who bruce, Y this show nothing like high school, main dude is that the guy from goosebumps the movie,is that regie from I t
    So many questions

  6. Hey it's Bryce…. Bryce walker
    Live and in stereo
    Out team just realized that we don't have content for season 4 so I recorded few tapes
    Let's play

  7. Alex did it, haha! Alex the gimp! Zac beat his ass & left him for dead, then Alex comes along & tosses him off the bridge, hahahahahahaha 🤘

  8. i've been enjoying this season but asking myself why? why does clay and his new friend care who killed bryce? what difference does it make in their lives?

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