200+ NEW iOS 13 features / changes for iPhone!

200+ NEW iOS 13 features / changes for iPhone!

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Hands-on with over 200 iOS 13 changes and features!


50+ iPadOS 13 features / changes for iPad!

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43 thoughts on “200+ NEW iOS 13 features / changes for iPhone!

  1. It's a long one, folks. Grab some tea and get comfortable. 👍🏽☕️
    Did you catch all of the new features? What's your favorite? Let me know!!!

  2. Basically the Ios Users sht themselfs with Dark Mode lol i am even Iphone User and To be honest,i dont care for the dark mode sure its nice but its,not that mind blowing thing 😂

  3. I do like the presentation of this video though. I cannot refute or dispute that you know how to capture a great video. I applaud that highly.

  4. So basically, Apple IOS now has the things that Android had years ago…. makes sense……. and no, they didn't make it better, they just made it available to cult followers……

  5. I recently purchased an iPhone XS Max, Will Updating to ios 13 Slow down my phone?

    Apple has confirmed that ios Updates Do slow down older devices.

    XS Max has a A12 and the iPhone 11 has A13.

    Please Help!

  6. Hi , i don't get option to Save to PDF files of the screenshot that i took , it's just i see options Save to Photos, Save to Files and Delete Screenshot , neither i get scrolling option as well of the screenshot

  7. nice channel man, clean and crisp. noticed on your weather app your from louisville, me too. halla at me if you ever need some free background music for your videos.

  8. I don't think swype on the Apple keyboard is as good as it is on the other swype other keyboards. But I welcome it. I like Microsoft flow but it's dead and Google makes me nervous

  9. My girlfriend broke up with me last Sunday and I replaced her face with the orange stock image in dark mode. New wallpaper for the next chapter in my life.

    Not saying anything bad about her. Just saying that a break up happened.

  10. I take it that memoji does not work on the keyboard for iphone 7? Because I have the stickers but don't see memoji in the keyboard.

  11. Hepatic press volume in control enter with studio 3 connected it not only shows the name of the device but you can enable and disable noise canceling from there and when you have 2 pairs or a pair of air pods you can control each volume there as well

  12. Wow.. what a great update on all. Well done!! Amazing how you know all this. The voice function is awsome and very handy , thank you for that info!!

  13. Grear vid and lots of info. All good except the language accent read back. No way would I put an indina voice to read me stuff on my phone. I can get that from all the scammers from there conning people here in the US lol.

  14. Why, oh why, other than here, was nothing said about "Blocking Unknown Callers" . This is a BIG one for me and any others.. I 'try' to sleep during the day, and I hate to have "Do Not Disturb" on, or I forget.

  15. I keep trying to watch the entire video, but fall asleep halfway through. Your voice is so calming! 😩🙃 I LOVE the Safari page zoom feature! 🤓

  16. Could you help me I have a Apple Watch series 3 but I have iPhone 5 s and it says I first need to update the then I can update the Apple Watch but I don’t have a update help pleaseee

  17. How do you find all these updates??? You go so far into it, finding things I didn’t even know I needed!! People like you are awesome!!

  18. Hi Jeff,

    I have a 8 plus with this new update will it make the album artwork the same or smaller. Hopefully the same.



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