2019 Subaru XV 2 0i P Walkaround & Interior Review | EvoMalaysia

2019 Subaru XV 2 0i P Walkaround & Interior Review | EvoMalaysia

First time duck walking around a car.
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20 thoughts on “2019 Subaru XV 2 0i P Walkaround & Interior Review | EvoMalaysia

  1. You could just get the key fob out of your pocket and put it on the ground to see how close it has to be to unlock the car. You're trying too much LOL

  2. Exactly why I don't get it too for the subaru about the signal stalk being on the left side of the steering wheel. Yes, I can get use to it in any cars, but damn, I really don't like it on the left side unless I'm driving a LHD car.

  3. Auto door lock is not allow to applied on any Malaysia factory new car according to road transport rule & regulation, this is what i been told by car maker.

  4. Got in one yesterday. You are right about space in the rear! Put a turbo and a manual in it then I'll really be thinking about it.

  5. If not mistaken, it's a safety requirement on the autolock thingy. Most of the contis are made like this since 10-15yrs ago… BTW, the door handles r painted silver n not chromed…

  6. Lim Kian Beng, you are an ugly bitch. Dirty face with pimples all over, yellow and gapped teeth and no breast. Haha. Puberty never visited you, boy.

  7. I think the auto lock function can be added with additional cost of few hundred. The audio head unit from Harman kardon will have Android Audio or Apple play. I have a video of the HK HU – https://youtu.be/8mNGCiDXgVE

  8. What for u want the door automatically unlock when u turn off the engine? Let people rob u without looking outside before u get out from the car?

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