2019 Subaru XV GT Review | Evomalaysia.com

2019 Subaru XV GT Review | Evomalaysia.com

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41 thoughts on “2019 Subaru XV GT Review | Evomalaysia.com

  1. Wow I really Beh tahan the weird accent he fakes lately.

    Last time not like this, getting worse lately.

    The way he do review is too boring and too subjective without facts, what he said all those review we can find online easily, nothing special.

    Even that old man YS Khong started to keep up with more honest, simple and creative way

    Come on bobby

  2. So funny! XV do not need any silver details on the bamper because it has not colored plastic bamper. Designers don't not how to amaze the customers.

  3. How dare they call it a GT without adding power? Instead they added weight with that silly body kit. I do like the side cameras, though. I wish we could get that on the regular XV. Thanks for the video, though.

  4. I guess the side mirror, they are not 3D print. Many car's manufacturers are using Thermal Vacuum Forming plastic on the front grille, door panel, central console, switches and many more…, this side mirror could be using same method. Part of cost control concerns, more cheaper mould cost, and economy plastic materials, because car model changing so fast. Unlike the old times, 1 model of car can sell for 5 years or above then only launch new model.

  5. TC cars are dare to 3D print with local stuff and increase price,now days consumer are smart,don't treat us like fool.😂 waiting for proton X50.

  6. im suprised you can recognize 3d printed parts. even more surprised subaru decide to do it.. on such a visible part of the car..

  7. Please stop saying Subarus are mechanically-premium they're not. Ask any first-gen XV owner and they'll tell you all the noises the steering rack makes. Nearly every single first-gen XV has this problem and Subaru could never solve it. As an XV owner myself I am also utterly disappointed in their customer service. I have a friend working high up in MIPJ and even he is disappointed. It's not even like I drive my car hard, I baby it. I've seen horror stories of other owners changing their steering rack under warranty multiple times and it's still making noise, and it's not normal for it to make noise considering how it doesn't make noise brand new. Just do a quick search in Subaru XV Club Malaysia and you'll see all sorts of mechanical problems. I myself have had to replace three different parts under warranty in my one-and-a-half year owning it (albeit only one is mechanical but still) and going to replace my steering rack for the second time under warranty soon.

  8. MotorImage been milking the XV for the past 6 years….. changes are always cosmetic. We need better or more powerful engine, or a diesel at least! After sale service is in dire need of improvement! Bobby did mentioned “nothing much has changed”…… sighhh

  9. How's the maintenance cost for the XV? eg routine service/parts change. I've never owned a Subaru but I'm curious to know. Thanks ahead for any replies.

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