Behind The Studio – 2019 (Part One)

Behind The Studio – 2019 (Part One)

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This week premiering our brand new Behind the Studio series, Aaron invites you behind the game dev curtain to walk through Firefly Studios’ plans for both Stronghold: Warlords and Romans: Age of Caesar in 2019 and beyond.

Find out how to stay up to date on everything Firefly Studios including where to get the latest information on Stronghold and Romans, our latest community videos and of course all the trailers, interviews and livestreams your strategy gamer heart desires.

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37 thoughts on “Behind The Studio – 2019 (Part One)

  1. please see my comment in Iraq we love this game but this game is not have a Arabic language

    the game is Beautiful

  2. I have uploaded the final update of the Stronghold map Gondolin. I wish you much fun playing it.

  3. It would be nice, if we could design our "own" lord, maybe like the character editor in WoW if u know what i mean 😛
    And choose our own colour :3

    And i hope there will be a nice map editor, maybe like a combination from stronghold 1 (like messages from the different lords and creating some cutscenes) and stronghold 2 (because u can do a very nice own campaign)

  4. Will the armies in stronghold warlords be bigger than average armies in SC2? Because the scale of armies decreased a lot over the years and I liked it when you'd bring around 200 units to the siege.

  5. I am a simple Firefly Fan.
    I see Aaron or Nick and I`ll smash the like button instantly.
    Oh and Aaron, your new glasses look breathtaking on you! d:^)

  6. I’d love to be able to beta test warlords I’ve been nearly vibrating out of my seat waiting for announcements on content or updates

  7. I'd like a video behind the ideas of how your AI works in games / why you made them how you made them.
    Here comes especially Stronghold Crusader to mind. Really cool mechanics here, from patrolling units inside the castle to the Sultan who protects his quarries almost more than himself.
    Looking forward to more content!!!

  8. İ REALLY hope that Warlords doesn't go the bullshot route of including microtransactions on it….

    Please, be good…

  9. Firefly, please don't murder Warlords by including Microtransactions. Please give us hope and faith in the gaming industry!

  10. Can we espect some wall additions like MACHICULATIONS or wooden superstructure like in previous two games? Or even something like in Stronghold Legends?

  11. Fantastic video, the quality and editing improvements are really obvious to me. Nice job 😀

  12. It's the anniversary of my father's death, he was a massive fan of the classic stronghold games. Thank you for returning to your roots with warlords it's really appreciated.

  13. Wish I become part of firefly studios, while living in Pakistan.
    There must be some vacancies for us too being an old player of firefly studios also beta tester for romans alpha.

  14. 👋 Should I keep calling you guys Strongholders? Like for yes, comment for no.

    Also here's the breakdown on how we're gonna' be operating on YouTube from now on if the video wasn't clear enough (hopefully it was).

    Videos per month:
    1 (hopefully 2) on Stronghold: Warlords.
    1 on Romans: Age of Caesar.
    1 on a Community Series (Stronghold Showcase, Inspirations Behind Stronghold, Stronghold & Chill).

    Keep on besieging,

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