BOW ENCHANTMENT GUIDE! | Infinity, Flame, & more

BOW ENCHANTMENT GUIDE! | Infinity, Flame, & more

ENCHANT GUIDE! This video goes over every enchantment you can get on a bow in Minecrfat. This guide is good for bedrock and java edition. What guide do you want to see next? Also, Minecon is happening rn.

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32 thoughts on “BOW ENCHANTMENT GUIDE! | Infinity, Flame, & more

  1. Hi everyone! I will have a video out later recapping all of the new stuff, like PANDAS! Check back later if you're interested 🙂

  2. Wattles please give one reason you don't like the flame enchantment, have you blown yourself up with TNT on accident or something? Flame seems all around a good enchantment?

  3. @wattles what method do you find best for repairing your enchanted bow? also could you do a video explaining the in depth enchantment costs guide and order to combine them to minimize level cost.

  4. It would be crazy if u replied but if u dont can someone do but yea ok I have a enchanted book with power IV and fire aspect II should I use the book on my bow or sword?

    Edit:I also have a sharpness III should I use that on my sword and the other book on my bow?

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