Cách điều trị mụn bọc khủng, mụn đầu đen TPHCM . Tại Hiền Vân Spa!

Cách điều trị mụn bọc khủng, mụn đầu đen TPHCM . Tại Hiền Vân Spa!

How to treat acne, acne, effective after a course – Hiền Vân Spa.


Mụn bọc khiến bạn cảm thấy khó chịu, hơn nữa chúng còn khiến bạn mất dần tự tin. Bạn đang dày vò bản thân từng ngày vì phải đối diện với mọi người với một khuôn mặt đầy mụn. Và bạn đang rất mong mụn bọc hết càng sớm càng tốt. Chính vì vậy mà Hiền muốn chia sẻ đến các bạn những cách trị mụn bọc nhanh khỏi.

Trước hết thay vì đau đầu tìm cách trị mụn, bạn nên tìm hiểu tại sao mình bị mụn bọc. Và ngăn ngừa mụn hình thành và tái phát trước khi tìm cách trị mụn bọc nhanh khỏi.

cách trị mụn bọc nhanh khỏi
thiếu tự tin

Nguyên nhân khiến bạn bị mụn bọc:

Có 2 nguyên nhân gây ra mụn bọc. Thứ nhất do bạn có thói quen sờ, cạy mụn. Nặn mụn không đúng cách, lấy nhân mụn không hết chân. Thứ 2 là do sự rối loạn nội tiết tố, stress, nóng trong người, thức khuya, bít tắc do trang điểm, bôi quá nhiều thứ lên mặt…

*Xem chi tiết cách điều trị mụn bọc, mụn ẩn ( tại đây ) :

Hiền Vân SPA chuyên điều trị mụn bọc, Mụn viêm, Mụn mủ, Mụn cám, Mụn đầu đen, Mụn u nang tuyến bã dầu, Vùng Mặt, Lưng, Ngực, Mông, Nách. Hiệu quả ngay sau lần điều trị đầu tiên.

Chuyên điều trị Thâm ,Sẹo rỗ, Lỗ chân lông to, Nám, Tàn nhang, Đốm nâu, Đồi mồi. Cam kết hiệu quả sau một lần điều trị, an toàn da khỏe đẹp, căng bóng mịn màng.

– HIỀN VÂN SPA sở hữu hệ thống dịch vụ làm đẹp đẳng cấp nhất trên thị trường trong nước và quốc tế hiện nay như: giảm béo Contri Ultrashape, Hifu Lipo, Ultherapy Hoa Kỳ, Laser Nano Plus, Tắm trắng phun phủ Nano, công nghệ Lighttherapy, Công nghệ triệt lông hiện đại nhất hiện nay Diode Laser…

– Tại HIỀN VÂN SPA, mỗi một cá nhân là một nhân tố quan trọng góp phần tạo nên thành công của cả một thương hiệu. 100% đội ngũ bác sỹ, kỹ thuật viên tại HIỀN VÂN SPA đều là những chuyên viên cao cấp trong ngành thẩm mỹ, dày dặn kỹ năng chuyên môn, kinh nghiệm trong nghề, nhưng trên tất cả là lòng nhiệt huyết và đam mê với ngành làm đẹp.

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48 thoughts on “Cách điều trị mụn bọc khủng, mụn đầu đen TPHCM . Tại Hiền Vân Spa!

  1. Our patients, they watched online videos on Facebook and social networks, and youtube channels, they did not give negative comments, while you guys, do not understand anything about our work, the You gave a negative opinion, when not once, you experience it!

  2. Excellent video. I always feel bad for the clients that have bad cystic acne. It looks so painful. I bet they feel much better after getting the pressure and infection released.

  3. Why watch the videos time and time again, only to complain about the same stuff?? Okay…we get it…you guys don’t like the crap on the gloves, her clients don’t seem to mind it, so hush up. When she stops posting, you’ll be complaining about that too. All cultures are different. Respect it or move around.

  4. Have to say this has to be one of the better videos I've seen in quite a while, although it's not perfect it is much better than some of the others x

  5. Yikes! You are using a syringe needle near the patient's eyes, & the person's eyes aren't covered for safety. Dangerous!

  6. Dear Hien Van Spa: a long time ago, I had complexion problems. My face and back, under the direction of a dermatologist, were treated by esthetician’s in this manner as you are treating your clients. Your procedures are very old procedures in the USA. Many American viewers are younger, or have never had skin disorders. I realize your process and can recall how difficult the treatment was to endure. In 1973, I had a dermabrasion procedure on my face. It was extremely painful. Now there are lasers that repair the skin. Don’t take the negative words in comments to heart; you are doing a very good job.

  7. Looks like this person either over washes their face or has put something on his face to dry it out. That's why it looks like there are some places that are healing, but in order to heal properly the inside needs to be expressed out.

  8. 👍👍. You know you are good at what you do! Screw the nay sayers girl. I think you rock!👌👌 oh and yes, you geniuses, the needle is sharp. Sooo what’s your point?🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😱😱

  9. You do an amazing beautiful job love that you are using such a thin syringe other use a very thick one and that’s give me the creep so I can watch

  10. This is a generalisation, not just about this video. Does anyone know why, when they nick the skin, however gently, it starts to bleed. Yet, if they just squeeze, without nicking the skin beforehand, it rarely bleeds ? If the blackhead pops then surely that means that the skin has been broken yet, most of the time, it doesn’t bleed. Any ideas ?

  11. We had to try our best to treat our guests, taking blood that was not good and harmful to the skin. Nobody wants to make customers uncomfortable, when it bleeds a lot, that blood has bacteria, not good.

  12. The entire patient here, went to the dermatology hospital, where the doctor they did not treat the patients with acne, and the customer came to see us for treatment. Thank you !

  13. You are the only technician that I have seen that will pop the ones that look like they are healing…they always have something left after someone else didn’t get everything out

  14. Hiền Vân Spa
    . Another excellent video. Thanks for sharing! Please, ignore negative comments. YT "Doctors" believe they know everything and are always eager to criticize anything different from what it's done in their own country. They should travel around the world and learn about other cultures. If they can't afford to travel abroad…well, there's always Google. 🙂

  15. I have to say that these negative comments crack me up! You’re going to help hire an attorney for this client? Seriously? In Vietnam? Do y’all have any clue about who and where this aesthetician is and what she does? She’s in Vietnam, highly trained and very effective at what she does. Treatment in other countries doesn’t always mirror those in the US. As far as how deep she’s going with the needle, there are no nerve endings in the sebum do although painful, not nearly what you’re making it out to be. There is going to be blood when treating this type of acne. Check out some of her videos where she shows s series of treatments and the vast improvement she makes for her clients. She’s one of the best and I’d go to her ant day if I had acne. If you’re going to be judgemental, at least be knowledgeable about what you’re talking about.

    Great video, as always Hien Van Spa!

  16. Why do you have to snag/rip the skin every time you use the needle? Also you do not have to stick the needle in so deep because to most of us it looks extremely painful and I myself will never share your videos until I see some changes to your extractions. I feel sorry for your clients especially the young ones. 😔😔😔

  17. I can't believe you go in deep then as you come out you make a cut. Look at all the blood on the face, doesn't it bother you there is so much blood because of the holes you're making.

    If I knew this patient, I would help him hire an attorney. Then I would take him to a dermatologist and bring some relief to his face and place probably place him on antibiotics.

    The technician has spread bacteria all over the patient's face, caused excessive bleeding, and hurt this patient's face by causing more scaring that could have been prevented.

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