CATHAY PACIFIC BUSINESS CLASS VIETNAM to NYC (wing business class lounge review)

CATHAY PACIFIC BUSINESS CLASS VIETNAM to NYC (wing business class lounge review)

We flew a total of 18 hours in Cathay Pacific Business class from Da Nang, Vietnam to Hong Kong and ultimately New York City with a layover in Cathay’s Wing Business Class Lounge (HKG)! //

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Travel vlog 641 | HKG, Hong Kong | Country #91/100 | Filmed June 2019

Music in this episode:
“A Way Out”
“Cloud Sky” – Razorspade
“Dive (Instrumental Version)” – Lvly
“Does Somebody Know (Instrumental Version)” – Aiyo
“Follow The Trail” – Future Joust
“Light Money” – Damma Beatz
“More Of My Life” – BLAEKER
“Take a Chance” – LED Monster
“You And Me Now “(Instrumental Version) – Velee
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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the travel bug! We started “travel hacking” & finally decided we wanted to travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this YouTube channel to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling! So we extended our 1 year trip to now FOUR years 🙂 Now we have a goal of traveling to 100 countries before 2020! We are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. 🙂


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39 thoughts on “CATHAY PACIFIC BUSINESS CLASS VIETNAM to NYC (wing business class lounge review)

  1. Hey y'all! We hope you enjoy the video as much as we loved making it 🙂 We've been working really hard behind the scenes on – our new service that notifies you when there are cheap flights like this one! Try it out for free for a month!

  2. could you please launch fare drop in hong kong? i live in hk and would definitely like to fly in cathy business class just like you 😍

  3. On your second train (looks like NJ Transit), you could've just downloaded the app! It's free, and it gives you pre-ticketed pricing.

    In general, as someone who also flies a lot, and LOVES trains, I download transit apps wherever I go, almost every major network has it, and it's so convenient. My new phone has over 100 GB of memory, and I just have a folder of 25+ International public transit apps 🤔💁‍♀️

  4. Hi Kara and Nate, you don't need to buy AirTrain ticket if you have Newark international airport NJ Transit ticket. It's already included in the fair. I have paid extra just like you 😅

  5. So we New Yorkers aren't generally USED to people asking us for directions in stations, but if you do we take it as a point of pride to direct you on the best route somewhere. We gotta show that we know the trains better than those other schlubs, after all.

  6. I had to laugh when you said you will get to be on the plane first. You guys are always running just to make the flight how are you going to be there to be first??? LOL❤❤❤

  7. The benefit of the new acquired status: get on the plane first.

    For that to happen you need to get to the gate before boarding starts. Which means you have to get out of the lounge earlier…..

  8. If u dont have time to pay for ur tickets, NJ transit and LIRR have apps where u can buy it for regular fair! ☺️ just use a credit card

  9. Soooo many buttons on that business class seat! Also that some serious Uber sticker shock coming from Vietnam 😬 yikes!

  10. Was in the hospital the past 11 days (nothing too serious) but it coincided with our trip to the UK. (Travel insurance blog needed.) Was kinda bummed on travel. Had 4 vlogs to catch up on. By the start of this 3rd one, was itching to travel again. THANK YOU! I live 10 miles from JFK, 13 miles from EWR. Ever need to make that ride again, I will drive you. Fare: an autograph. NJ transit has an app for tickets. Don’t think the LIRR does. Thanks again.

  11. in your videos i keep seeing those little bags with the toothpaste, toothbrush, earplugs, etc. (5:35), i was wondering if you get to keep everything thats in there and the bag? it looks like stuff that you could just take off the plane but i wasnt sure

  12. I have been to the first and businuess class lounges because my dad travels a lot so he gets curtousy channel and he has diamond membership for marco polo and my mom has gold membership so we get 80% off of our payment + LOUNGES, EKKK

  13. Great video! I refer to Marco Polo lounges at HKG as “Heaven” because you can just have anything you see for free. Have you explored both sides of the “Bridge” lounge there? (best food of the Biz lounges). Also, the “Pier” lounge has better food than the “Wing” lounge… and an amazing tea room and nap room. Best wishes from Chiang Mai 🙂

  14. Flying from manchester to hongkong with cathay would love to be able to afford business class would be so much more comfortable on long haul.

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