Chinese Movie Youth/芳華 (2017) Multi-language subtitles/Sino-Vietnamese War,1979;Cultural revolution

Chinese Movie Youth/芳華 (2017) Multi-language subtitles/Sino-Vietnamese War,1979;Cultural revolution


The film chronicles the lives of a group of idealistic adolescents in a military art troupe in the People’s Liberation Army during the Cultural Revolution. They experience love, lust, betrayal, and sufferings in the background of Mao-era songs and dances. The two key characters, Liu Feng and He Xiaoping, also participate in the Sino-Vietnamese War in 1979 and become heroes for their act of courage. After the war, they are honorably discharged from the Army but struggle to make ends meet in the Reform-era China while they learn lessons from soul-crashing experiences of love, lust, betrayal, and heartbreak.


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46 thoughts on “Chinese Movie Youth/芳華 (2017) Multi-language subtitles/Sino-Vietnamese War,1979;Cultural revolution

  1. Dance sequences from the uncut version
    How to Turn On Subtitles

  2. Welp, Im not sure how i came across this film,
    but im glad i did. It helped to remind me of
    the beautiful complexity of the human condition,
    I wish all the best for Liu Feng and Xiaoping.

  3. Phim bọn Tàu này tuyên truyền mị dân, chúng kêu chúng chỉ tự vệ cho lữ đoàn nghệ thuật…
    Nhưng thực tế chúng đã giết hại hàng vạn dân thường, bao nhiêu trường học, đường sá cầu cống bị chúng phá hủy
    Bộ phim tuyên truyền thật ghê tởm

  4. It's interesting to see how Vietnam was portrayed as the predator, the invader, while Red China was just defending its motherland. It's the other way around. LOL. Nonetheless I still enjoy the movie. War is hell, no matter who won.

  5. as a westerner whom has no sympathy for communism i have to say; the suffering of all humans in wartime must be understood and respected, regardless of their faith in an ideal, be they German Wehrmacht fighting off the fall of Berlin, or the Soviets holding on to Stalingrad, The average man puts faith in his leaders and does what he is told. It's a horrible misfortune of human pack mentality

  6. 90%chinese film is on punching and kicking each other on trifle matters and some simply a physical exercises eg return to the 36 chamber and many of Jackie chang s film. But this is a good film. Now there are many good historical war film.iam an Indian but I love this movie. It's heart touching.the film assembly is also a good film.

  7. Boring as every other Asian movie, Asians don't know how to make live actions flicks, only America can! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

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