Clash Of Clans | MAX TOWN HALL 4 BASE!

Clash Of Clans | MAX TOWN HALL 4 BASE!

Hey guys and welcome to another one of my Clash Of Clans videos. In this video you see me MAX out my town hall lvl 4 base. Enjoy!

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– Crowlando


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29 thoughts on “Clash Of Clans | MAX TOWN HALL 4 BASE!

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  4. Belom lah masih max th 4 saya udh liga perak 1 nih total trofy yg ada 1389 hah sok adu bes sama trofy sok aku aja yg th 4 paling atas kalah ama th 6,7,8 trofy terbaik sepanjangku liga kristal 1 trofy nya 2598

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