Detention 返校 [Part 1] – NEW TAIWANESE HORROR GAME

Detention 返校 [Part 1] – NEW TAIWANESE HORROR GAME

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“Detention” is a new Taiwanese horror game that just released today! In this video we’ll be playing through the demo segment of the game, which is largely the same but with some minor differences. Thanks for watching!


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38 thoughts on “Detention 返校 [Part 1] – NEW TAIWANESE HORROR GAME

  1. Things like the white terror are an inconvenient part of reactionary history, with all it's victims, with those victims being blamed for being murdered or better yet they go "what terror?", and the opposition to the white terror no matter who they are are being smeared or blamed in all manners including calling them factlessly of what the KMT did in the white terror, etc. That's why it's swept under the rug, people turn out surprised with games covering it. It would be similar if any games at all covered the countless of massacres and terrors in fascistic US puppets in latin america and what they did and still do to this day, or regimes in Africa like Mobutu and like the french financed coup against Thomas Sankara, etc.

  2. Actually, "senpai" or "先輩" in kanji is derived from the Chinese word "前輩", pronounced "qian bei" in mandarin. Much of Japanese vocabulary is borrowed from Chinese. You don't hear it as commonly use in Chinese compared to the Japanese that use it as a honorific. I'm guessing the game translated the english to "senpai" as this term is already well-known to overseas audiences that watch anime. The word however, is of Chinese origin.

  3. This comment is two years late, but you uploaded this on my birthday!! 😀 Love your videos, John, so glad I found your channel

  4. The diamond sutra is one of the most important and widely read pieces of zen Buddhist literature. In a nutshell, it's a dialogue of the Buddha to a monk explaining the perfect understanding of reality without any preconceived notions and attachments to "self". A well known quote from an English translation states, " All conditioned phenomena are like a dream, an illusion, a bubble, a shadow, like dew or a flash of lightning; thus we shall perceive them all."
    Think Nietzsche if he were a 3rd century Buddhist monk.

  5. 4:30 Real horror doesn't need to rely on jump scares or a blast of dramatic music. If it's truly unsettling and scary, it doesn't embellished. That's the kind of horror I want to write and the kind I most appreciate. The biggest challenge with that is finding a uniquely terrifying idea. People don't scare easily, which is why movies and some games "dress up" their scares. This game does horror the correct way lol

  6. The event was called "The White Terror". Pretty awful and lesser known piece of history. This is so effectively creepy, especially when ghosts are hovering over you and taking their time while you're holding your breath, silently freaking out. The story is extremely well done, too. You don't learn much at first but it gets much deeper and personal, as well as educational. More people should learn about this bit of world history. So far, I'm really impressed by it. I need to stop being a chicken and finish. Would have done my own video series but I'm fostering pitbulls. Nobody wants racket in the background of a video 😂

  7. Already watched the demo knowing it would be the exact same as this part one video, just supporting you lol Hope you make it big MANG! onto part two!

  8. i bought this game on steam, and got so freaked out playing the 1st ghost encounter I fucking got it refunded lol. at least watching a stream seems LESS scary… LOL

  9. "Snuggle up and get through the storm, how romantic."
    Well, till she becomes a demon and kills him . . . that usually kills the mood . . . usually . . .

    Also i think senpai is suppose the be the honorific for senior, so give or take if honorifics bug ya.

  10. Considering the real world material this game is based on this game actually makes me supremely uncomfortable… in a good way? Like it was clearly the game's intent. And I think it excels at that. it really communicates a national wound a culture can suffer very well. And thanks to a tumultuous history of my own country, it really touched me deeply. The subject matter of this is so dark. I'm not asian at all (as in I'm not from any Asian country) but I am so proud of this studio for the great work they've done with this game. it's one of those rare games that's not just "a game" if that makes sense, but really communicates something deep and true about the culture the game has come from.

  11. In Chinese, her family name would be pronounced as "far-ng" (or "f-ah-ng") not "f-an-g". Just thought I'll highlight this 🙂

  12. Damn, (spoliers!) and here I thought Wei would be the main character and they just kill him off like he doesn't even matter.

  13. I Ching ([î tɕíŋ]), or Classic of Changes, is an ancient divination text and the oldest of the Chinese classics.(wiki)

    Just finished this game, it's awesome.

  14. how could you be so cool ? i saw you feeling no fear
    btw , 48:04 , that quote was said by Red in "The Shawshanks Redemption" movie

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