Doctor Answers Commonly Searched Questions About HPV

Doctor Answers Commonly Searched Questions About HPV

Dr. Natasha Bhuyan is here to answer commonly asked questions about HPV.

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44 thoughts on “Doctor Answers Commonly Searched Questions About HPV

  1. Yes! I got HPV from my husband. He was my only sexual partner. I found out that I had HPV when I was pregnant with my first child. I was devastated! Please men…get tested and young ones, get vaccinated.

  2. I love this doctor so much! Thank Dr. B. Its so cool to hear you talk openly and honest about this stuff. Not only that, but youre including everyone and their sexual prrferences!

  3. So I actually got the HPV vaccine when I was a teenager when it first came out BUT I recently found from my Pap smear that I still contracted a non-warts , high risk HPV virus (after being vaccinated). So people should be informed more that the HPV vaccine only protects against the most high risk strains (the ones that immediately turn to cancer ) but not other that just might turn into cancer. So even though I don’t have super high risk strains , I still have to monitor and I got the vaccine. If I had known the vaccine wasn’t 100% effective against all cancer causing strains I would’ve been more careful so I hope everyone asks their partners (especially male partners ) is they have gotten the HPV shot or will get it, uses condoms with shallow partners (a given), or gets a pap smear after every new partner to make sure you haven’t been exposed to any new virus strain.

  4. I’m literally starting school and I have to get the injection and our new principal came to my old school and talked us and …….ugh it wasn’t fun😟😟

  5. i hope you guys do your research about this vaccine. i was injured by it and so were many many others. this is probably the worst vaccine out there

  6. According to my Gyn you now only get a pap every 3 years. So, how are we supposed to know if we have it if our dr won’t perform a pap? Not getting a pap every hear really freaks me out

  7. I got the vaccine when I was really young. All 3 shots and still got hpv. They froze a piece of my cervix because I had moderate to severe precancerous cells. someone explain pls

  8. This lady's stupid HPV vaccine will not prevent you from having the HPV there's a lot of people and children that's actually had the shot and up becoming paralyzed deathly ill or dying because of it if you haven't just take oregano oil it's supposed to cure it!

  9. Why did this video come up just when I have noticed that my uterus is swollen on only one side? And also does anyone know if it's dangerous or normal? I called the gyno but they just sounded confused…

  10. I wish they had vaccine before I got it 🙁 I had stage 3 hpv was in severe risk of cervical cancer they had to do a cone knife biopsy….and I still show positive for hpv.its just not at the more serious stage anymore. Is it ever gonna go away ? Why wouldn’t they have the vaccine back in the day

  11. What about all the little girls getting sick from the vaccine, some not even able to walk again? I'm not trying to cause problems I just want to know the truth about every aspect.

  12. Thank you As/is for encouraging people to get the HPV vaccine. It's been very successful at lowering cancer rates caused by HPV.

  13. ‘So you might have hpv and not know it’ but ‘it usually goes away on its own in 2 years’ ‘it’s possible for the hpv virus to lie dormant and you can get it from your husband from a prior relationship’ ‘nearly HALF of sexually active people have it in their system’ the Math does not add up! This is way more serious than its being taken…I don’t know about how doctors handle this…it’s like a crap shoot. Wow.

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  15. My mom refuses to let me get the shot because “it causes autism”🤦‍♀️ She believes in all vaccines EXCEPT this one i don’t understand why

  16. This is a scary video to watch ,especially if you just found out having hpv.
    You can take all precaution in getting vaccinated and still get it. The virus does on its own go away.

  17. In the uk every girl that is in year 8 or 8th grade (for Americans) has to get the vacation in skl. I got my vacation. Now the boys have to get eithers

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