Dota 2 Item Guides: Guardian Greaves (8.85)- Minor Changes

Dota 2 Item Guides: Guardian Greaves (8.85)- Minor Changes

Youtube part
Video #7 is here for that one guy that keeps watching

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Arcane Boots-

**This item guide is outdated but still relevant. The item has only seen slight stat changes. Its uses are still the same**

Changes since posted:
Cost from 5300 gold to 5375 gold

Stats not stated in video:
• +95 Health
• +0.15 Health Regen
• +5.7 Armor (+7.7 after using active)
• +5 Attack Speed
• +315 Mana
• +0.2 Mana Regen
• +5 Attack Damage

Here is the link to the negative buffs (debuffs)

The first column tells you the name of the ability. The second column states whether or not a basic dispel will remove these negative buffs. As long as the second column is green and says yes, guardian greaves will remove it.

Again, all items are situational so you don’t have to get guardian greaves when playing support. If you are new, just stick with the default build provided.

Let us know what you think. Hopefully we can do the other items with more detail.

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3 thoughts on “Dota 2 Item Guides: Guardian Greaves (8.85)- Minor Changes

  1. a few more pts to add.
    1. it cost no mana to cast and gives more mana, which means you get 250 more mana than Mekansm + Arcane Boost
    2. the cooldown is 40s instead of 65, which means 62.5% more healing, and thus justify the price increase
    3. the dispel is crucial on supports like omniknight, which should rush this ASAP

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