Every jojo OP but its in Minecraft 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Every jojo OP but its in Minecraft 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Don’t forget to go and give some love to the original creators, especialy the last one since he’s a really small youtuber.

OP 1 :
OP 2 :
OP 3 :
OP 4 : [Removed From Youtube]
Original Creator : [
OP 5 :
OP 6 :
OP 7 :
OP 8 :
OP 9 :

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34 thoughts on “Every jojo OP but its in Minecraft 2 – Electric Boogaloo

  1. Really Late Edit
    Since posting the video, i've discovered the channel of the op 4 Creator on youtube :

    GER Version of Traitor's Requiem on Minecraft(Tes悟空):

    Sono Chi No Kioku on Minecraft(Juansixs):

    Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town on Minecraft(Juansixs):

    Chase on Minecraft(Juansixs):

  2. Well. Very good video but op2 lost some cred cuz of the english. It just not the same when your used to the amazing japanese vocals in the regual one

  3. P1: Phantom Blood
    P2: Mining Tendency
    P3: (Nether) Stardust Crusaders
    P4: Diamond is Unminable
    P5: Golden Ore
    P6: Cobblestone Ocean

  4. Yeah the Bloody Stream OP was editted well, but I wish instead of the Ender Dragon surviving the sun, he could've survived the rain.

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