(Express Review) Malaysia Airlines A330-300 ECONOMY | MH148 MEL-KUL

(Express Review) Malaysia Airlines A330-300 ECONOMY | MH148 MEL-KUL

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17 thoughts on “(Express Review) Malaysia Airlines A330-300 ECONOMY | MH148 MEL-KUL

  1. It’s not typical of MAS for not providing menu on economy class…it’s typical for almost all airlines…Emirates doesn’t…BA doesn’t…etc…yes SIA does but to have commented it’s typical of MAS is just shallow…

  2. Did exactly the same flight a few weeks back on M H 148 in Business Class…seat 6 A ! To be honest it was one of the BEST Business Class flights I have done over the years ! The crew were fantastic and I ordered a Prawn dish through "book the cook" and it was one of the best meals I have ever had at 34 thousand feet ! Its interesting that at the start you mention Menu cards. In business they hand them out and then collect them toward the end of the flight. You can keep them if you ask nicely ! Excellent review and food looked good ( hope it tasted ok ! ) I reckon from a value point of view in terms of cost they are very good…not Singapore Airlines but still very good…a most pleasant trip !! Well done !

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