From food to vaccine, this Indian blockchain startup, StaTwig has way to go |

From food to vaccine, this Indian blockchain startup, StaTwig has way to go |

The startup ecosystem in India has really taken off and has been witnessing a surge in recent years. However, the Indian logistics startups are still facing myriad challenges impeding their growth. Reports suggest that due to the inefficient food distribution systems, a significant amount of food goes waste. To resolve this problem, Silicon Valley veteran Sid Chakravarthy has founded StaTwig, a logistics firm that uses IoT & blockchain to monitor the packages in every step or process in order to prevent disruption in large scale deliveries.

Like food, around 50-60% vaccines lose their efficacy owing to cold chain failures. Moreover, 80% of the vaccines lose their efficacy due to supply chain mismanagement. In order to address this problem, UNICEF, the world’s largest procurer and distributor of vaccines, invested $1 Lakh in StaTwig in last December. The Hyderabad based StaTwig will work on the smooth delivery of vaccines to children in need.

With this partnership, StaTwig will explore the vaccine transportation area enabling its IoT & Blockchain technology. Firstly, it will work on vaccine ownership change as it goes through a lot of change in ownership from national offices to health centres. StaTwig will record each change in ownership so that no one rejects the information.

Secondly, importance is given to track the temperature for the vaccines. To effectively track the temperature, vaccines will be labeled with a colour according to its temperature status. StaTwig can track the temperature status with the help of sensors.

Every vaccine has a bar code or serial number which describes its entire journey. So to make the service available, StaTwig is working along with multiple offices of UNICEF in other countries.

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