Galio Guide S7 ~ League of Legends

Galio Guide S7 ~ League of Legends

A complete Season 7 (Patch 7.7) guide to the reworked Galio of League of Legends. Jaksheet discusses every aspect of playing this champion in the top lane.


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27 thoughts on “Galio Guide S7 ~ League of Legends

  1. Hello, were you planing on making a s7 Zed guide??? Because I started playing Zed alot and i want to see your advice. Thank you. PS:its TeamIronKing

  2. Hi man! Do u remember me from your zed guide? Well i have him now and im about to play my first game with him (after watching ur guide xD) Cool vd tho 😀

  3. Your guides are always so good. I just wish there were about 6 of you. So that there could be guides for champs I play.

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