Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky Budget Room Review

34 thoughts on “Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky Budget Room Review

  1. Hey Hypa! If you have the time you should visit Breda as well, it has a beautiful Holland Casino situated in an old nunnery, and the tiny but authentic citycenter is very closeby. I'm a little biased but I think you might enjoy it! 🙂 Keep the vids coming!

  2. The bags are for sanitary towels and tampons as they block the loo…. I'd also request a cleaner for the shit smear on the loo seat lol.. Not a bad room tho hypes 👍. Have a great holiday

  3. The bag is for glue sniffing, apparently it’s coming back on trend, watch 1980’s vids from Glasgow on vintage glue sniffology

  4. All in all, I'd take the cheaper room for its far superior view. You could sit there and meditate with a few fags and cuppas before unleashing your talent on a few night spots.

  5. You go here on your own hyps or meet afew of the lads. 2nd room alot cheaper. You need to ask for some money back. The cheek to upgrade and then take it back of you. Boooooooooo

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