GTA 5 Facts and Glitches You Don’t Know #18 (From Speedrunners)

GTA 5 Facts and Glitches You Don’t Know #18 (From Speedrunners)

Featuring Floyd Push Glitch, Pause Buffering Hitbox, Yoga Dupe, Dog and Cat Interaction, Warping NPCs, Fire Immunity and more!

GTA 5 Facts and Glitches attempts to give you a taste of what I have learned about Grand Theft Auto V in the over 5000 hours that I have been Speedrunning the game. The best of all categories is showcased here, any%, 100%, Classic%, Trevor% and Any% NMS, and you are bound to see many things you don’t know. While many of my series contain highlights from my speedrun world record attempts, in this series I often to go great lengths to recreate events from my runs for your viewing pleasure. If you are interesting in watching full GTA V runs, please check out any of these runners: DarkViperAU, Burhac, Demetrius, ToriksLV, Reloe, DatesL and Hugo One.

Nothing in this series will require mods, you could technically do everything yourself. If you are interested in GTA V speedruns please check out any of the following runners: DarkViperAU, Burhac, , Demetrius, ToriksLV, Reloe, DatesL and Hugo One. Other related series are How’d The Speedrun Ended, GTA V Facts and Glitches You Don’t Know, ’s GTA Casual vs Speedrun and ‘All Possibilities’ by Whatever57010.

Yes, the bit of acappella is SmoothMcgroove

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32 thoughts on “GTA 5 Facts and Glitches You Don’t Know #18 (From Speedrunners)

  1. 6:12 I think the taxi teleports people who are interacting and the ped was opening the door at the moment.
    Have you tried warping multiple people with you, or someone who is not aggressive towards you?

  2. 6:28 – my guess is when the NPC starts to interact with the taxi object and it is assigned to the taxi object. When you activate the fast travel method on the taxi object the assigned NPC goes with it. I don't think it takes a bubble of the area with it as you would end up with people walking past the taxi relocating with it.

  3. I have found that if u are on top of fib building then proceed to 1:switch character 2:swtich back you are inside the fib building now it's interesting cuz if u do it was before the mission where u crash the heli it on fire but the hole where the crashed happened can be shot from but doing this after mission u can't due to the barriers outside the map

  4. So in the friend request if u place a c4 in Lester's doorway and detonate it then quit the mission afterwards you're able to get inside the lifeinvader building even if u replayed the mission from the mission replay screen

  5. 6:28 i actually believe it warps the npc too because the npc is interacting with the taxi by opening the door, just need the timing to be warping right as the npc is opening the door

  6. The mission end with Franklin could be due to a default case in the programming. Meaning if a bug occurs, and the player ends the mission with a non intended character then the mission end happens anyway. It's probably not intentional, but a by-product of how mission ends are called in the program. I don't think it's actually proof a third ending existed.

  7. Idk if you’ve already did this but in the jewelry store heist when you take control of the truck you can go into first person and start shooting the passenger in the head

  8. 4:09 cops when you can’t do an upside down handstand singing the alphabet backwards while walking backwards in a straight line blindfolded

  9. Did you know that in the end of blitz play you can kill anybody you want and you will only have 1 star which gives you a power

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