Half-Life: Full Game Walkthrough

Half-Life: Full Game Walkthrough

An improved version of this Walkthrough can be found here:

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36 thoughts on “Half-Life: Full Game Walkthrough

  1. When I was a kid I had no idea what I'm suppose to do and got really scared when those alien zombie scientist appeared that I stop playing the game. 😐

  2. 34:12 estuve un montón de tiempo explicándole (de chiquita) a mí hermano de esta parte y no me creía , y por fin la encuentro cuando pasaron AÑOS ,y ahora ya ni me importa F

  3. Trotz der Grafik einer der besten Games ever… Part two noch geiler
    Davon müssen die Macher ein aktuelles Game rausbringen das wäre der Hammer..and
    Far Cry one… 🛩🎈

  4. This brings back so much nostalgia I remember playing this over the summer with my friend but now both of us are out of college and don’t see eachother anymore

  5. I know this is old but can someone please tell me why his guns and animations look different? Like the pistol looks more like a cz-75 while my version is a Beretta. Thanks

  6. The graphics and most of this sucks, but the game and how its made is so damn epic, i played this back when i was a kid and tried it again now, i actualy needed to take a peek at this video 4 times to find out where to go, imagine that happening now in normal games? Would never happend, games now days is handheld for the most part and you usualy always find your way, but here in half life you get stuck so often, need to think outside the box, like with airplane bombing, who would think of bonbing the mast to walk over it.

    Wish modern games was made like this, actualy lets you play for days and weeks before you finish it because hidden pathways and things you wouldnt think of, most modern games i could finish in hours, this one took me so damn long to finish and needed a damn walkthrough to lol

  7. It’s hard to believe such a great game was made back in 1998, that was when Street fighter games were the controlling party, not games with complex lores.

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