Hollow Knight – #18 – The Mantis Lords

Hollow Knight – #18 – The Mantis Lords

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Edited by Carrie Floyd
♫ “Side Quest Theme” by Eric Luhta
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45 thoughts on “Hollow Knight – #18 – The Mantis Lords

  1. 0/10
    You could've saved Bretta but you always refuse to look for secret entrances unless there are absolutely none near you

    Seriously though, this guy has walked into solid walls so many times but he never does it when there would actually be something behind it. Except that one time in Greenpath where he just found a rock with words carved on it.

  2. Higher beings these words are for you alone

    Three Mantis lords,
    Let you through,
    But one lord awaits,
    In the garden for you.

    Their traitor kin,
    Corruption he embraced.
    Strike him down,
    In the Queen's green place.

    A friend you will need,
    To aid in this quest.
    Wielding her tooth,
    The traitors you'll best.

  3. God the first time I stumbled into Deepnest, I fell down the long shaft and had no idea how to leave. Also I didnt have the lantern, so I was really screwed for a long time

  4. Not boring, it's genuinely interesting for you to be exploring, plus you already edit out the slog of walking and keep the highlights of when you find something or say something fun =)

  5. Hopefully Dan remembers to go back to the Nail Smith in the City of Tears and visits the Nail Master in the Hollowing Cliffs before the next batch of videos.

    beats the deepnest like a BOSS because the deepnest is awesome
    returns to the peaks, in search for wings

  7. Higher being, these words are for you alone.

    Before long she'll have lost her mind to instinct all together. The small one has the tools required to be the shining savior, they need but be applied correctly.

  8. -Challenging the Mantis Lords can be daunting and, while some rewards can be nifty like the charm you got (one of my favourites), some rewards … well …

    -Deepnest is a place. A nasty place full of nasty things. Things that lurk. Things that hurt. You will learn to dislike the place.

    -While your abilities are not the best that they can be they should be enough to carry you through most of Deepnest. You might wanna leave it for later and just do a sweep of the place. One single run.

    -While these mantises now bow to your prowess because you defeated their lords, other mantises may not be so honorable. Notice how these mantises don't have any orange on them …

    The Mantis Lords is one of my all time favorite fights just because you can challenge them. You choose to do so. It's not imposed on you to fight them. And if you defeat them, they abide by their code. So good.

  9. Your aptitude for bosses continues to impress.

    Mantis Lords are pretty up there for me for cool boss encounters. Between having to challenge them to start the fight, the music during the fight, and the result of the fight, it's just so cool!

    The only word I was able to utter while going the Deepnest was "UNSETTLING!"

  10. 10:47 " There's no time for us. There's no place for us. What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?"

  11. The Mantis Lords are a really good fight. And I love that they essentially tell all their subjects "No, Bug Knight's cool" after you beat them. Though one of my friends didn't realise this during his first playthrough, and continued attacking the mantises anyway

  12. Please just go PAST where you got dashmaster and go up the left wall, you were so close this time and it's getting hard to watch you miss it every time

  13. For folks annoyed by Dan missing the Dashmaster secret path – keep in mind that if Dan were thorough about secret paths, he'd have to spend hours of him probing walls, using magic, farming soul to use magic, etc. The man has deadlines, people! 😀

  14. Hollow knight is a game literally all about backtracking and finding new areas and getting to new places. this will not be the last time you backtrack through this game. and I enjoy every second of it.


    also, seeing as you record these in advance- when u eventually get the dream thing, don't use it on ghosts. no I will not elaborate (unless you want spoilers)

  16. Question to commenters: Is there permanently missable content that it seems like we're not gonna be able to see in this playthrough?

  17. Tip of the episode:
    Sometimes finding secrets is not about hitting a weak wall, sometimes it's about walking straight into dark corners to discover there was actually no wall there at all.

    When I needed healing chances during the mantis lords, I avoided hitting the first one until it did the low ring. Hop over it and heal, then dodge until it does it again. Repeat until full health, THEN start attacking again. Sometimes you just want a fight to stay in its first phase longer and attacking is, counter-intuitively, not a good idea. While you've already beaten the Mantis Lords, the general concept is useful for other bosses sometimes, too.

    I got stuck in Deepnest my first time playing the game. There's a point of no return in which the only way out is forward. It was… not fun. I was still weak at the time and getting through was an absolute struggle. My current playthrough — which you inspired me to start — was much smoother. You've at least had a weapon upgrade, and played a bunch more of the game than I had at the time, so you shouldn't have quite as much trouble as past-me did.

    Bioluminescence is nearly always cool! :3

    "I'm starting to wonder how much I'm going to like it here."
    If you're like most of the rest of us… you won't. :p
    Deepnest is incredibly well designed for an eerie, uncomfortable, oppressive atmosphere.

    The mantis tribe stopping their attacks on you makes me feel bad when I have to kill more of them to unlock the Hunter's Journal entries. …but I can't just NOT unlock all the things!

    I never really felt the need for anything but the 2-slot range upgrade, personally. I preferred using my spare notches on other things, but well. Different playstyles and experimentation are good, right?

  18. I adore Deepnest for how good it is at being positively dreadful in all the right ways. First time through always evokes so much. Terror, discomfort, insecurity, doubt and so on. Like a tasty morsel in a lair they really shouldn't be in.

    That aside, terrific disposal of the Mantis Lords. Never actually noticed the subtle difference in height depending on how they'll toss their nails. Good catch!

  19. Congrats on the Mantis Lords on just three attempts! It must have taken me at least a dozen tries, but it was also the first really major boss I ever fought, and I didn't have any nail upgrades, and hardly any charms at the time. It was a fun boss to learn how to maneuver around and fight, however.

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