Hpv/ Hsv Detox Diet Check-In #2: Safety Tips!

Hpv/ Hsv Detox Diet Check-In #2: Safety Tips!

I am not a doctor and I do not give medical advice.

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24 thoughts on “Hpv/ Hsv Detox Diet Check-In #2: Safety Tips!

  1. Hi Tara, I was recently diagnosed with HSV 2 and ive been looking for a cure. Has any of your clients came back with negative igg results? or is the detox just to suppress the virus or help it die off?

  2. Not sure if you’ve answered this or not. But when is the best time to take the supplements, can you take them all at once or should they be spaced out during the day ?

  3. I love how healthy you look in this video. That's wonderful. What do you think prompted this shift. You're arms look toned, you look radiant, your voice is clearer & perky, what have you recently been taking that you've noticed this rapid change?? Also the info in this video is so much clearer. I think this video should include the name "Safety Tips Updated" in the title so every one knows it's the clearer version.

  4. Hello, I want to get rid of herpes with your help but want to remain anonymous. Is that possible? Where do I email you at?

  5. One of the best things you can do for herpes is get off hormonal birth control. I got off birth control and I haven’t had any itching or any outbreaks in 3 months. The man made hormones in birth control causes intense outbreaks. Don’t believe me? If you’re on bc are your outbreaks around the time of your period, before/during? It’s because the hormones are literally clocked/timed to cause outbreaks during this time. Sure birth control helps prevent you from getting preggers b4 you’re ready but it’s also harmful and not just if you have herpes/hpv, just in general. It can cause mood swings, depression, weight gain etc. All of which I had when I was on it. I’m just using condoms for now, Ik it’s a chance I could get pregnant and I’d have a less chance if I was on birth control but I couldn’t take the outbreaks anymore. Maybe I’ll find an alternative because I was on the pill form (sprintec) and maybe it was that particular brand. But for now I’m enjoying a break from the outbreaks.

  6. Came across your videos and after watching them, I just wanna to say, thank you so so much for sharing your remedies! ❤️ I honestly don’t know if I have HSV, but I did some research online and it seem that I do after looking them up (as a male) and I’m honestly scared to get tested.. I’m only 18 years old after all 🤦🏾‍♂️ and I really want to start this process of eliminating my HSV.. I just got to prepare myself for this journey 🙏🏾

  7. Is black rice is desame wild rice?
    And miss tara what cause of herpes outbreak is that if u had sex with a person who had infected also tnx for answering my question God bless

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