Hpv/Hsv Subs Am I being hushed??🤫🤔

19 thoughts on “Hpv/Hsv Subs Am I being hushed??🤫🤔

  1. Hello .I'm Like Speechless.I am so much interested in your book .Please!Its for my daughter and myself.I would definitely be interested in buying your book.Thank So Much.God Bless You In Helping Others .

  2. Aww, your babies are darling and the new baby is getting so big. Look at you so busy being a new Mom and finding time to run your channel and businesses, quite impressive! I am very happy I have been receiving the notifications on time, although sometimes I'm late watching due to work schedule. I so hope they never Hush you, you have truly been a blessing, TY Tara!

  3. I will keep checking in. Thank you for your commitment to us and yourself. Question: Can I purchase items from your site with a visa gift card? Please let me know.

  4. She must have been correct big pharma wants to suppress the virus with garbage aclovir and the like same as their blood pressure meds that take another path and cause subsequent alternate illnesses all about the money BP makes a fortune of off HPV Carriers by saying no cure and providing suppression methods true evil.

  5. Keep doing your thing. I did get the notification of this video since I subscribed. ❤ your advice. Waiting on the next video.

  6. Y’all better respect her privacy… 👑 you already know they going to silence you because you’re helping ppl when they claim it can’t be done. Be careful we appreciate you. You’re waking ppl up in the process the government don’t like that it’s costing them money. 🖤👁 DONT STOP

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