Hsv/Hpv Detox Check-in #3: The Tonic – Plus Important News You’ve been waiting for!

Hsv/Hpv Detox Check-in #3: The Tonic – Plus Important News You’ve been waiting for!

Test your pH twice a day, in the morning and at night. If your pH is 7.0 or below drink the tonic. If your pH is above 7.0, skip the tonic. Test twice a day, everyday and drink the tonic based on if your URINE is acidic or alkaline.

I am not a doctor and I do not give medical advice.

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25 thoughts on “Hsv/Hpv Detox Check-in #3: The Tonic – Plus Important News You’ve been waiting for!

  1. I followed Tara’s protocol for over 3 months to get rid of HPV and it worked I had my medical checkup last week and the HPV warts were gone, it was not easy to fight this horrible virus but my commitment and discipline really helped me to make it. Thank you Tara you brought light to my life.

  2. Thank you for updates, kept struggling to stay consistent I work nights, but soon as I got home this morning went straight in to test my ph, showered and took my Tonic! Bedtime! Making it work working nights!💕

  3. How can you test your pH at home? Are there strips or a test available at a local store or do you have to order them?

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  5. Intermitted fasting may be something you should look into. It can help boost the immune system and control blood sugar levels if done properly.

  6. Will there be days when you take the tonic in the morning and in the evening? It sounds like if you test your pH in the AM and it’s below 7 then you should take the tonic, then when you test it again in the PM and it’s also below 7 that you should take the tonic once more. Am I understanding that correctly?

  7. Thank you so much for what u do! I have a quick question about the paste mixture and if you can apply it safely to your lips , I have taken the medicine for a breakout from my doctor (just the one dose of valacyclovir) I'm afraid that medicine will also react badly to the tonics. Hope to hear from you soon! I know you are a very busy woman! I appreciate it !

  8. Congratulations to the person who has reclaimed their life back that is TRULY amazing!!! There's hope for my sister just yet!! Did they atleast tell you what their meals consisted of or did they stick to the stir fry everyday routine that you said that you followed?

  9. Hey Tara I appreciate what you putting down and I’m dialed into your protocol. I’m curious to know about the addition of sea moss.

  10. Greetings my love thank you for your inspiration again . Just one question that can stop your menstrual cycle from flowing from comoing

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