I finished Dark Souls with 0 Deaths (No Cheat)

I finished Dark Souls with 0 Deaths (No Cheat)

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49 thoughts on “I finished Dark Souls with 0 Deaths (No Cheat)

  1. Pewdiepies dark souls series is honestly my favourite on his channel so to see this get so many dislikes by toxic minecraft players hurts :/

  2. The problem with youtube and by extension the internet, is that people like Felix can reach a large audience of impressionable young people, and less socially and mentally developed people, and pollute them with inane ramblings, ridiculous screaming and nihilistic dialogue, all the while his defenders shout "LOL top kek braw"

  3. It takes some serious dedication to run through this game if you're not used to it. People should appreciate it more. My favourite videos of yours are the dark souls ones 🙂 thanks pewds!

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