Increase Brain Power, Focus Music, Reduce Anxiety, Binaural and Isochronic Beats

Increase Brain Power, Focus Music, Reduce Anxiety, Binaural and Isochronic Beats

This is not sleep music. It should be listened to when you are awake.
We have used binaural and isochronic tone patterns between 12 and 20 Hz (Alpha – Beta range). You can listen to it with or without headphones or earphones.
This music can help you increase concentration, vitality. You can use it against fatigue, it reduces work anxiety. We recommend listening to it during work or study hours for at least an hour and a half to hear the entire frequency pattern.

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Music for body and spirit channel includes also:

• Reiki Music:
Here you can find the music for your Reiki treatments with bell every 3 minutes, or without bell. Tracks with bell change to every position with melodies and harmonies studied in detail to help the treatment.

• Meditation and Yoga music:
For your short or long meditation or yoga sessions, to balance your body and spirit. Here you can find the music suitable for your taste.

• Meditation Sounds
The music in this playlist have as common characteristic the absence of harmonic changes and very delicate melodies, which make these songs ideal for deep meditation.

• Chakra meditation music with tibetan bowls

We have created a new playlist that collects chakra meditation tracks. Special feature of these tracks is that they were composed only with Tibetan bells. The sound is absolutely natural, you will feel them next to you.
We suggest you to listen to this track at low volume.

• Relaxing Music:
These tracks can be used in any situation: as a background while you are working, in relaxation moments after a stressful day or just when you want.

• Short meditation and relaxing track:
Short tracks from 4 to 10 minutes for short meditation or for relaxation. They can be listened in succession to get a long and varied track as desired.

• Binaural beats:
This is definitely the most special playlist. Each track was composed for a specific purpose.
Using headphones or earphones you will discover very very hidden sounds …..

• Sleep music:
Sleep is very important to a person’s health. These compositions are designed to accompany you for the duration of your sleep or just to fall asleep.


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45 thoughts on “Increase Brain Power, Focus Music, Reduce Anxiety, Binaural and Isochronic Beats

  1. Questo suono è bellissimo, m'è di supporto per la concentrazione nello studio e allo stesso tempo mi da" serenità, grazie 😍

  2. @Navy 7

    很贊嘆您學有所得,能否請您分享學習心得,我也按照這位老師的四個畫面練習了,悟性差沒有什麼進步,幫不了家人,訂閱了您的頻道,但是沒有交流的機會, 在您分享的<冥想>視頻下方評論區留言,盼您方便時回復

  3. Ho una domanda…. toni binaurali senza cuffie? La musica è indubbiamente rilassante, ma sono dubbioso per tutto il resto…. mi scuso per lo scetticismo.

  4. 'I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like… tears in rain.'

  5. This is angelic! I feel like I am lifted to another dimension where there is no time or space, no pain or suffering. This is such a blessing! Thank you for this healing music. Namaste and peace to all <3

  6. good maked👍, thank you for the reduzed subliminar informarmation, like (concentration😇) and not (👾Einstein brain) hahaha 💙

  7. Guten Morgen an ALLE, ich bedanke mich für die Unterstützung und nehme gern nächstes Jahr wieder Teil. Bei uns beginnt jetzt die Advents und Weihnachtszeit. Da gibt es viel zu tun für Frauen, MÜTTER und Omas. Da tritt der Body in den Hintergrund und die Spiritualität von Jesus hat Vorrang. Ich glaube an ein friedliches, frohes, gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest und neues Jahr 2020. Bleibt gut behütet und gesund und genießen Sie die Zeit in den Familien in Friede und Harmonie. Denkt nicht soviel und spürt EUCH mehr.,, Umarmt EUCH, damit ihr weitergehen könnt." Dieses Zitat stammt aus einem Buch, was denselben Namen trägt. Also bis zum nächsten Jahr. 🤩😍🤗😇🧒👦👧🧑👨👩👴🧓👵👨‍🍳👩‍🍳🤶👼🤱🤝💌🤓🙈🙉🙊

  8. It is very nice work, very easy to listen, my only concern is that after about 30 minutes, maybe longer I got my self feeling, that it is track, that goes around and around so I got feeling to turn it off… it is just how I felt about it, other than this, I like it a lot…Probable I do not understand something… sorry but thank you.

  9. Благадарна! Эта музыка напоминает вечность..фильм Аватар, счастье, что оно есть..вот оно рядом. Пусть будет у Вас успех и радость во всем!

  10. Oneness Conciousness:
    Here are the seven Chakra and heres how our solar system is aligned to it. 

    Crown Chakra Saturn
    Third Eye Chakra Jupiter
    Throat Chakra Mars
    Heart Chakra Sun
    Solar Chakra Mercury
    Sacral Chakra Venus 
    Root or Earth Chakra Earth

    Body (Earth, Venus, Mercury)
    Mind (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn)
    Soul (🌞)

    Heavier small solid state planets below and large gaseous state planets above that's why we say lower frequency for lower chakra because solid states vibrates at lower level and higher frequency for higher chakra because gaseous states vibrates at a higher rate. 

    Imagine the whole Solar System within your Body as you are 1 as Internal as External that is the 5D state of Consiousness or Oneness Consiousness with no concept of Separation.

    So follow your heart & embrace unconditional love as we are all one.

    So come out of Maya to Zero.
    From Infinity to Unity  

    Twenty Three:
    23 is the number 5 or change
    23 is also the number of chromosome in human body which is actually 11:11 + 1 (Freewill)

    Freewill to be a Male or a Female or any other choice that you took in your contract for this incarnation.

    But since you are not connected to Source you are letting yourself go frenzy with your freewill you don't know what to do in life because you are unable to express the unique expression you are because the system is here to control. System thrives & keeps you under control through power, sex, money, pleasure, fame & media.

    So find the Freewill to Break Free & pursue Spirituality in your own way.

    If you still haven't muster freewill let me tell you the problem my friend.

    Imagine that you as a person are a product & you came with a 'user manual' (Bible, Quran, Geeta etc.) in form of Religious books but you didn't read.

    Doesn't mean Government aren't going to use it, Businesses aren't going to use it, Military aren't going to go use it & Religion is surely definitely going to Use it, Abuse it or even Misuse it to have Absolute Control, Money & Power.

    So come out and be you the real you. The true you.

    11:11 means to align & Integrate and bring balance in your body, mind & soul while aligning your 7 major chakra along with 72000 minor chakra nadis so that you are better able to integrate 5D Conciousness.

    So that you always remain in 5D Consiousness this whole internal process manifested into external process to raise the Collective Conciousness as it personified into 1,44,000 & even more people (timelines have collapsed).

    But as per saying there are 72,000 Divine Feminine Individuals with their 72,000 Divine Masculine Individuals so that they help each other ascend to Satyug or Golden Era.

    My sincere respect & admiration to all these individuals here who have invested so much of their lifetime, hardship, life struggle, physical, mental, emotional anguish to come to this day.

    Sat Sat Pranam Sat Sat Namaskar
    I bow to all of you and each of your Divine being abode with all my humility.

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