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  1. its cool now when your young and pretty, feminists say need husband like fish needs bike, gloria steinham said that she got married, worthless degree, borrow fortune, corp drone for years, friends having families, thirties, marry man wouldnt have dated when young, divorce, yoga, diet, speed/online dating, clubbing, look ridiculous, young women getting all men just like you did when young, bottle of wine a night, , meds, cat, you say that is not how it is for women, i am divorce lawyer thirty years, yes it is, who do you want to have family with, poor color, gay,female, tell me how that goes, want the world but men made it, want equal job, ok drive truck all night in ice and snow, corral 900 pound cattle all day in sun, butcher meat, go to war, men make the world wherever goes, everyone follows, aint giving it up, you are a skit in future snl, this is time to get man, laugh now, you will be reading you tube why am i still single in 20 years, man made everything, time to be wild, pile up meaningless body count, face is road map of self destruction club, smoke drink, coke, women getting what man has and do not like it, great for men, nightmare for women, you go girl, i dont hate women, sold bill of goods, ugly,angry,fat,lesbian gender studies wants to take young women with her, not looking out for you

  2. White males are the bad guys huh sounds like reverse racism for being white and sexism for being a male I guess all white males should suddenly stop being white and straight oh no

  3. I like the song, but I doubt the premise.

    Whoever rules the world would screw everyone who doesn't. It's happened in every country and in all times. We're batting 1000 as a species at that.

  4. Thanks for making amazing songs. sorry there are hater and mean people in the comments but people are people and that all there is too it. Your song bring a smile to my face.

    Please keep making songs they don't always have to be careful if your not feeling it …..

  5. Ok, people, time to do a little crash course on how this would work.

    1. They'd probably raise the allowed amount of loaned money for college tuition, with that, they would probably also take the loans from the banks and have you take it directly from the government. Oh, and EVERYONE would be approved for the loans. It would most likely result in a mess of a system that doesn't actually work. Resulting in Colleges raising their tuition by 150% resulting in a Student Debt that has never been seen before. This would cause many problems for students when they realize they have to pay more into what they got to take away from a college education. (Too many people going for the same degrees results in an overcrowded field, which would mean you would have 4X the competition for said field)

    2. There would be something along the lines that gave everyone health care. We'd see it as some god given right. This universal type health care would probably not have been looked at and actually given honest thought and it would probably have been turned down from the creators own country. It would probably destroy private health care and allow corporations to exterminate part time insurance, resulting in you being forced to go with this health care, however, because you work two part time jobs, or pick up a Sunday every now and then, you make too much money to qualify, resulting in a fee for not having insurance.

    3. We'd probably be convinced to let in 850,000+ migrants into the country who were seeking, "Asylum," who would then refuse to assimilate, tell us we are phobic's, trick you into thinking that you are somehow "Oppressed," in a Country that gives EVERY citizen the exact EQUAL opportunities and convince you that scholarships never existed for non-whites. They'd organize several movements with friendly faces doing the talking and the real puppeteers behind the curtain. (Look more into Linda Sarsour) They'd convince you to tear down (Burn books) statues of a historic nature that shaped this very place. These people would lump all people of "Color" (Except Asian's- they don't count because they have the highest median income, well exceeding whites. Asian privilege, I'm sure) to create a fabricated common enemy, the white man.

    4. They would probably attack conservatives on the streets with glorified mobs of violence and with ass-backwards logic. These mobs then would probably be involved with some sort of terrorist organization, followed by fabricating hate crimes that only turn out to be hoaxes in an assery display of Self-Oppression in order to paint a bad image to conservatives. "Milkshakes," would be seen as a deadly weapon. (This is just a theory… ;P)

    5. They would probably rally an Antifa- ah-ah-ah… Sorry, had a sneeze coming, an Anti-fascist group who would hide their faces, attack randomly and use fascist tactics, call everyone not wearing black and holding a baseball bat, "Nazi's" neglecting the fact that they are using Nazi tactics, That were influenced by Muslim tactics.

    6. Anyone who was not with this new world order would automatically be deemed, "A Nazi, Sexist, White-Supremacist/Nationalist (Like that Dave Chappelle) and a racist." (The Islamic state has used racism as, sorry, probably would have used racism as a "T-rump" card and consider their ideology and "religion" as a race) Fun fact, the last group to consider their ideology as a race, were the Nazi's. Wow, how fascist of the Anti-fascists. But wait! there's more!

    7. They would probably also sell you, Socialism! but before that, they would pick a female candidate to run against a straight, white (Cis)*rolls eyes* male for Presidency, they would then intentionally lose. (I'll admit the breach to make Trumps counts only as fraction of one vote would not be their doing. They would want to lose. Why? Well, considering that before Trump, there was a FIRST black president (which now everyone conveniently acts like he wasn't black or ever a president. Example; This song. Logic?) who would then possibly be followed by the FIRST FEMALE president, only to lose to a White male. Are you following? Good. They would use this loss as a weapon to anger a certain kind of people. It's called deception. They would then use this hate to direct attention to their side, pointing the finger and blaming the white people for everyone's current problems. Highly exaggerated problems. This would come in handy as they slowly slip in Socialism as their solution. And because you think they are the good guys because white man bad, the socialism has to work, RIGHT?!?!?

    8. Speaking of Fascism, isn't it hilarious that the socialist left, tells Capitalist (Capitalism sucks, I get it. But it's the only form that lets you eat hoho's and eat like a fat pig while laying on your ass chilling with Netflix or being able to whine without being dragged out and shot in the streets) that the Capitalists are Nazi's and to blame. Strange… considering that Socialism is the little brother of Fascism, how are conservatives the fascist, Nazi's when we've already seen that the left has used Nazi tactics, pointing all the blame on a generalized group, uniting allies through deceit and a common “Enemy” (White PeopleVSPeople of Color = The JewsVSNazi's).

    9. So, speaking of deceit and the puppeteers pulling the strings… Here's a tidbit of info that currently was just announced. Linda Sarsour, remember her? Was just announced to be in the Bernie campaign. She's been quoted saying, “I can't wait to be the contributor of the first Jewish President in a time of white-supremacy.” Now, why would a Jew pick an Islamic, Pro-Palestinian, Anti- Israeli, Anti-Semitic partner and why would an Islamic, Pro-Palestinian, Anti- Israeli, Anti-Semitic individual be excited to be a contributor to the first… Jewish… White…. male… President…. during a time of… White-Supremacy…

    10. Also, a bit more info and I'll stop typing, I'm sure you read a sentence and continued scrolling, Isn't it odd that we have women being Pro-Abortion, Anti-Reproduction, Anti-Male and painted recently as better than men in today's media? Would you be surprised that companies are being bought from Muslims in order to normalize Sharia and turn it into a fashion statement. Who's behind the “My body, My right” movement? I'll give you a hint, their initials are LS. So, isn't it funny that Christian and white births have decreased significantly because most of the male hating women happen to be white, WHILE, Muslim births have nearly tripled. Are the dots connecting? Are you following? Oh, and, Linda Sarsour has been around since Obama. In fact, you can look her up on what was Obama's white house web page.

    11. So, what's the final piece of the puzzle? The second amendment stands in the way. They wish for open borders, specifically the southern border and finally they wish for Imprisoned individuals the right to vote and NOW Kamala Harris wants eradication of incarceration. Well, do you know who the two largest groups to convert to Islam are? Latino's and Prison inmates in the US. No wonder they want a caravan of a 200,000 person caravan of illegal immigrants in so bad.

    12. So, let's do a quick recap of what the left preaches for you to support. (1.) They blame the current state of the health care and student debt on the right… When it was Obama. (2.) A total of 850,000+ Muslims were brought in for “Asylum,” (Trojan Horse) (Only around 2-3% were listed as “able fighting men.” the rest were children and “Widows.” If you've actually done your own research you would know the Islamic state teaches children how to kill starting at the age of 5 to desensitize them into killing machines. Look it up. Oh, and women are taught to fight and kill too. Why haven't they attacked in the states yet? My theory, They're waiting on more and more recruits. Turn your enemies women against them, you dwindle their numbers.) (3.) They support Pro-Abortion but yet tell you to “think of the children,” when it comes to migrants you've never met. But your own flesh and blood? Future children? Fuck em, in the dumpster they go but come on in undocumented caravan, cause “the children.” and don't forget about those law abiding convicts. (4.) They accuse the right of being Nazi's AND Fascists, when in fact, their beliefs are linked directly with those said beliefs. (Fascism – Race ideology (Aryan) = Socialism + Race ideology (Islam) = Fascism) And why wouldn't Putin conspire with socialists? Why would he want Trump? Oh, that's right. Hate the white man. (5.) There is just so much to cover. If you hop over to my channel you can see a direct comparison between today and the past. It's repeating in a now world of complete contradiction.

    13. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH. LOOK FOR CLUES AND HINTS. QUESTION EVERYTHING. Even everything I've stated, question it, correct me, make your own analysis and come back and talk with me about your findings. I WANT CONVERSATION ABOUT THIS. Because if I'm wrong, well, then I'm an idiot who is so crazy for believing any of his own opinions. But if I'm right, then the US is fucked. Why do you think they want your guns so bad? OPEN BORDERS + FREE CRIMINALS + DIMINISHED BIRTHRATE + CONFISCATION OF FIREARMS = 100% DEFENSELESS. Good luck out there, America. Crazy conspirator, out.

  6. I like this song- I'm impressed with her maturity in this song. It's actually interesting and has something to say instead of "I'm a drunk materialist who's wasting her life away getting hammered in clubs." like the songs I usually associate with her. I was thinking instead of a soprano/female/non-gravelly Tom Waits. Also, I thought of Amanda Palmer.

  7. Everyone’s over here with this song reminding them of something but I’m just over here ignore acknowledging how true this is

  8. So are we not going to talk about the double standards here? If a man made a song talking about how all women are whores, and they get treated like they are queens and no man should ever put his hands on a woman. You dumb hoes want equality so bad but you pick and choose. You can’t act like you want the whole pie and then take 1 piece and throw the rest away. What if I made a song saying that every woman in power right now fucked their way to the top? I mean it’s just funny actually because that’s exactly what Kesha did.

  9. “And if you finish school, you’d go to college for free, that makes since and that’s fair.”

    College Professors: Am I a joke to you?

  10. And people wonder why we’re so divide dumb shit like this. Cause nothing says tolerant left like demonizing white people for other white people. Why does the left have so many self hating white people?

  11. -There are currently 72 countries where gay marriage is functionally illegal, in a little under half of those you will be KILLED for it. All of them are white minority countries.

    -Africa has been receiving aid from PREDOMINANTLY WHITE countries for the past five centuries. In 2014 it was measured at $133.7 billion and has only ever increased. Nearly every African country remains third world in spite of that as nearly +72% of that aid ends up in the hands of LITERAL MARAUDING WARLORDS.

    -Black people disproportionately commit violent crimes (50%) despite only being 13% of the population.

    -90% of all interracial crime is committed by black people against white people

    -Black people make up +50% of gang activity and crimes.

    -Black people commit 83% of rapes, 91% of murders, and 96% of shootings in New York alone.

    -Black people bring the average american IQ down by 7 points, SAT scores down by 100 points, ACT scores by 5.5 points.

    -Black people individually drain the U.S. Budget by $751k in their lifetime in government benefits, while Hispanics bring it down by $588k. Alternatively, whites raise it by $221k on average.

    -Despite that, black people bring the average american income down under $20k annually.

    -60% of black children are payed for and essentially raised on welfare.

    -There are currently more slaves in Africa right now than have ever exist at any time in America.

    -From 2003-2006 black men raped or sexually assaulted 101,823 white women, white men on the other hand, raped or sexually assaulted 0 black women.

    – On memorial day 2019 hundreds of black teens coordinated online and marched around in cities attacking white people. This was not limited to middle aged adults, they attacked both children and the elderly.

    -Black people in South Africa are CURRENTLY killing white farmers en mass simply because of their skin colour

    -The government of Zimbabwe stole land from white farmers and essentially took their livelihoods away. They then proceed to start to starve, as no blacks would actually farm. They then blamed whites for the famine, before promptly begging for whites to return. The whites that did were murdered.

    -Somehow, white people are the problem.

    You want a world without white people? Look a Johannesburg, South Africa. It went from a busy economic and business power house to a city of abandoned skyscrapers, beggars, gangs and other thugs. simply because they rushed into the city like a pack of rabid animals and chased away whites. You want the entire planet to be like a city where whites need ARMED TRANSPORTS just to get to work inside the city in buildings that are LITERALLY BARRICADED SHUT just so that they have no risk of being killed every single day.

    The only reason you have money yourself is because white men supported you through the music industry they built so you could be a whore. You must what to work a normal job like the rest of us, right?

    The only reason you have the ability to be racist, is because white men fought for your free speech. You must want to go back to being the meek housewife, right?

    The only reason you haven't been raped, scalped, and hung up on a lamp post before being set on fire is because your ancestors cared enough to build modern civilization as we know it, you must want to be dead right?

    White men payed her to sing this, she's a sell out. You have the money, buy a nice house in Africa and live with them if whites are so bad.

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