Kwang Soo Tries to Rip off Jong Kook's Name Tag! [Running Man Ep 473]

Kwang Soo Tries to Rip off Jong Kook's Name Tag! [Running Man Ep 473]

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42 thoughts on “Kwang Soo Tries to Rip off Jong Kook's Name Tag! [Running Man Ep 473]

  1. Jihyo is an asshole hitting sukjin like that.
    Honestly, she's being 'ace' like 5% only, the rest the others give her space fr.

    No wonder she wont get gary.

  2. Idk why everybody id vomplaining about the show , yes the old days of RM weee amazing but it was because they were so active and nowdays they're old most of them in their 40s so wht the hell u wamt more if u don't wnjoy the show stop watching it nd save us from ur stupid comments nd complains they've been doing it for 9 years nd still counting they deserve a better fans bunch of ungratful kids .

  3. 0:13 That felt really good !! I came to dislike more and more Ji suk Jin over the years and I still don't know how or why he is still there….

  4. Its funny to see people overreacting saying Jihyo is rude bcs she hit JSJ head. Only RM lovers know that Jihyo is brutal unlike other womens so never make her angry or u will receive her beat. JSJ is old but he is close with Jihyo bcs Jihyo always offers herself to partner w JSJ bcs he always rejected by quests for partner.

  5. I saw some comment saying that jihyo wasn't talkative like earlier year and yes she is quite less talkative these day and maybe she has her own reason but what i don't get it is why some people really try so hard to put the blame on somebody else just because she wasn't active,that is her own action so why need to blame other people for that.

  6. Chill guys. Dont compare jihyo and somin. At least she said sorry after she hit sukjin oppa. You can see how she react when sukjin oppa want to ripped her nametag. Go watch full episode and dont spread hate here.

  7. think you're not saying that you're being cut off, so you're becoming more and more quiet, your face looks sad, but ji ji hyo is always a respectable woman. I'll always support you. Nobody's gonna make you fall, so my god has long LOVE …

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