Lee Yeon Hee Cut

41 thoughts on “Lee Yeon Hee Cut

  1. I came to love Lee Yeon Hee because of Oppa Song Seung Heon. They are the perfect couple on screen. Wish they can make another drama together now that they are more mature.

  2. I wanna say something to her haters she is an awesome actress and honestly i didn't know her very well at the begining but after watching one of her dramas -east of eden- i realised that she's very talented when i got used to her role i said to myself : "wouah i like this girl " not in the weird way but just i'd like to be her friend and i think you're jealous just because she's acted with top korean stars (song seung hoon) i guess it's true that people hate because they can't have what you got

  3. well not the best but one of the best,who r u comparing her to?she debuted at very young age and acted with the hottest actors,she is one of the best

  4. i didn't watch Ghost and i don't know how worst her acting is but i know when i'm watching gu family book, her acting skill impressed me

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