Level1 News March 29 2019: HPV INSIDE, CLICK HERE

Level1 News March 29 2019: HPV INSIDE, CLICK HERE

1:02 – Nokia firmware blunder sent some user data to China
1:56 – FEMA shared 2.3 million disaster survivors’ personal information with contractor
2:55 – 750,000 Medtronic defibrillators are vulnerable to hacking
4:34 – Facebook Stored Hundreds of Millions of User Passwords in Plain Text for Years
6:02 – Education and Science Giant Elsevier Left Users’ Passwords Exposed Online
7:17 – Microsoft ships antivirus for macOS as Windows Defender becomes Microsoft Defender
8:21 – Flood of 4K James Bond Leaks Further Point to iTunes Breach
9:34 – South Korea spycam: hundreds of motel guests secretly filmed and live-streamed online
11:42 – Aluminum producer switches to manual operations after ransomware infection
12:41 – Hacked tornado sirens taken offline in two Texas cities ahead of major storm
14:34 – New Mirai malware variant targets signage TVs and presentation systems
15:54 – PewDiePie fans keep making junk ransomware
17:16 – Brand New: New Logo and Identity for Nurx by Koto
20:34 – YouTube face-off: Berlin police break up mass brawl
22:01 – AT&T CEO interrupted by a robocall during a live interview
22:49 – The Most Powerful iMac Pro Now Costs $15,927
24:44 – 9-Year-Old US Citizen Detained for 32 Hours Gave ‘Inconsistent Info,’ Customs and Border Protection Says
27:04 – UPS eyes in-home health services with U.S. vaccine project
28:19 – Man fined £385 after swallowing live goldfish in clip posted on Snapchat
30:13 – NYPD deletes ‘cop killer’ tweet after officer is revealed to be alive
31:53 – ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ to be released in China with homosexual content completely edited out
32:41 – Iranian TV censors cover up the Rock’s nipple
34:53 – Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou had a MacBook, iPhone and iPad when she was arrested
36:42 – Flat Earthers plan cruise to the ‘edge of the world’

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36 thoughts on “Level1 News March 29 2019: HPV INSIDE, CLICK HERE

  1. can you not get the public key that was left by the Ransom-ware and use Seahorse RSA package to recover the private RSA key to recover your personal data.

  2. Regarding the Facebook storing passwords in plaintext, if I understood it right, they are not stored in the plaintext in the actual password database, where they were stored in plaintext are the web server logs. When registering, users send their passwords to the server in plain text (TLS encrypted obviously) and the server hashes them and stores them hashed in the database, so they got stored before being hashed and server logs sounds like the most probable place. The plaintext password is probably sent as a POST argument of sorts and webservers by default don't log them, but we are talking of Facebook here, they are probably logging EVERYHING. That would also explain why so many people had access to this, since web server logs can be used for all kinds of data mining.

  3. I already have enough mercury, thimerosal and other toxins in my body. I don't need a "flu shot" to add to the problem, thanks!

  4. About the "German" Youtuber and their Followers fighting in Berlin, they have what in Germany is called an "Imigration Background". These People tend to solve their Disputes by Fist first.

  5. I had a Lebanese girlfriend and she hated the fact that my two cats lived in doors. It got so bad where I had to chose my pets over her. Sad but true. My pets are healthy, feisty and still blast around my home. That said I also have a college friend from Syria who loves cats and has had them since she was a kid.

  6. Nobody realised this but I saw few episodes of Hanna on third party sites months before Amazon released it on prime video
    It was removed after a few hours but if you had better speeds you could have got first 3 episodes

  7. I worked in an aluminum foundry and poured molten aluminum. Usually it was around 720*C. I got out of the industry after being splashed and set on fire and suffering 2nd and 3rd degree burns while charging two 4,500lb ingots into a furnace. Good times.

  8. Bailent Seeber has a really great talk up on YouTube about those sirens. Basically it turns out that a lot of them operate over insecure RF, so its next to impossible to find out who’s playing funny buggers and setting them off.

  9. Male nipples are A-OK Islamically. Even though Iran is a Shia country I'm pretty sure they have no issue with that. Maybe it's nipple envy…hmmm.

  10. 37:30 Polar Bears are the north pole… Also no amount of logic can convince a flat-earther they're wrong… Pictures of earth from space can't convince them… though most of them probably do it for the attention rather than because they're morons

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