Mantis By Greenvolt Mobility, India's First Electric Motorcycle | Things You Need To Know | InfoTalk

Mantis By Greenvolt Mobility, India's First Electric Motorcycle | Things You Need To Know | InfoTalk

Mantis Greenvolt Mobility, India’s First Electric Motorcycle:
In this video, I have introduced the officially India’s first electric motorcycle Mantis which is manufactured by an Indian electric vehicles company the Greenvolt Mobility.
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41 thoughts on “Mantis By Greenvolt Mobility, India's First Electric Motorcycle | Things You Need To Know | InfoTalk

  1. For those who think that Revolt RV400 is India's first electric motorbike, So I want to tell you that officially Mantis is India's first electric motorbike because ARAI in June 2018 certified MANTIS as India's first electric motorcycle exactly a year before revolt did. So it is MAntis, not Revolt to hold the tag of India's first electric motorcycle.

  2. Arre , 💯 Pollution free nahi Hai electric vehicle . Kyunki current Coal use karke banathe Hai . More coal power plants are there in India. Secondary thing is that battery disposal ka koie plan tho nahi hoga. Aur battery bi garbage ki thara pile hoga thode sal me land mines me.

    Not against electric vehicle. But should have more reliable power source . Indirect pollution b nahi honacha hi ye. Aur safe re use of battery or disposal is a big problem to solve . When production increase

  3. In coming years u ll be force to drive electric vehicles coz..petrol kbtk rhega waise he oil pe war chal rhi h america aur arab country me..aana pdega line me for nature for our next generation..thoda kast to uthana pdega..azadi b araam se nhe mili thi waise b bht sare aur option aane wale h..this is bery nice initiative and effort we should welcome this

  4. Agar pollution ka itna hi khayal hota to sarkaro ko ispar bahut pahle se kaam karna chahiye. Ek Baar ke par 50% tak profit kamate hai jiske karan customers ko jyada kharch karne padte hai. Agar price capping par govt kaam kare aur saste daam me mile to maximum Indians ke pahuch me hoga. General log v Apne aur Apne bachcho k liye v kharidenge. India me public parking me chori v khub hoti hai, itna mehanga kharid kar v chori ka dar, us se achchha petrol bike kharid lega jis se insurance claim v ho sakta hai etc.

  5. Without front & rear shock absorbers, you call that a motor cycle..?
    You consider public as idiots..?
    That's not worth of 10,000/- also…

  6. In country like India where only 3.22% Power generate by Clean Nuclear energy and only 34% by renewable energy at present still we foremost depend on Thermal Power Plants…if India moves to electricity in Vehicles as Railways also electrifying its needs then we require more Power as without upgradation we cannot full fill our needs & as premium cheap source we as from coal reserves make more energy to make more pollution to enviornment, firstly we moves to and limit on dependency on Thermal power upto 80% then we simply think to move on electric vehicles

  7. Can i separately buy a battery used in this E-bike and yes than from where
    And no than which battery is available in market which have almost similar performance

  8. E-cycles need to have a manual paddle, bigger battery and a stronger motor. This is true especially for conditions in mountain terrain.
    Motor and battery should be able to facilitate paddleless ascent in steep gradients, speeds upto 45 kmph and a paddle free range of atleast 100 km.
    These stupid laws limiting battery capacities and speed limiare just a detriment to better and more capable e cycles.

  9. E bikes are very popular in Israel and Europe. In Israel it costs around $1500. It is relatively very cheap in India. It will get famous in near future there too.

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