Minecraft: Pixel Art Tutorial and Showcase: DEADPOOL (Marvel Comics)

Minecraft: Pixel Art Tutorial and Showcase: DEADPOOL (Marvel Comics)

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This is a tutorial and showcase for building Deadpool, also known as Wade Wilson and the Merc with a Mouth, from Marvel Comics Deadpool as pixel art in Minecraft. This Minecraft pixel art let’s build was requested by a number of subscribers. I hope that you enjoy this how to build tutorial and try to build it on your Minecraft map!

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48 thoughts on “Minecraft: Pixel Art Tutorial and Showcase: DEADPOOL (Marvel Comics)

  1. Wow! This really helped! My lil brother couldn’t beat me when he tried building something better. You just earned a sub!

  2. I love this build I’ve subscribed and I’ve almost completed my world by building loads of statues I just need to build 6 more and then I’m done

  3. 1. Sweet

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