New Diamond Light Matrix just opened ~ Crystalline Structures on New Earth ~ The Event Treasures

New Diamond Light Matrix just opened ~ Crystalline Structures on New Earth ~ The Event Treasures

New Diamond Light Matrix just opened ~ Crystalline Structures in the New Earth ~ The Event Treasures
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33 thoughts on “New Diamond Light Matrix just opened ~ Crystalline Structures on New Earth ~ The Event Treasures

  1. Hi Paul! Did you feel M4.0 quake? Some specialist said it was much stronger than M4.0, probably M4.5. Some seismologist showed the waves of the quake. He said it was really STRANGE! I am sure that was caused by Cleaning Up Operation on Reptilian Secret Underwater Base led by Galactic Federation of Light. Yes, that base had been exploded and collapsed. Probably, you might have much less agents around you to disturb you because many of them might be dead in that underwater base in Lake Erie.

  2. Today June 11th i woke up looked at my phone clock and it was 11: 11 am Then all through the day i saw 2:22 pm 111 on a recording length 144 likes on a youtube post and at the same time i saw 4 :41 pm on my phone and 99 % battery. Then 404 likes in another youtube post. Yesterday 77 likes and 7 comments and very often 77% battery like a minute ago. Also 73s and 37s show up often.
    I am experiencing lower back pain and flu like symptoms.
    I saw some chemtrails yesterday Evening and today the skies are covered with clouds and it looks like about to rain. I hope we are not intentionally deprived of the expected incoming cosmic rays on June 13th as Aluna Ash predicted.
    Many Blessings Love & Light 💖🙏

  3. Hi all I went thru the tired and sleepy all the time and still get it around full moon but mostly healing everything fast and have more energy than I've had in yrs. I hear from Aluna there will be a big wave around full moon 13th to 21st this month. I am painting my deck working outside and volunteering at a rescue center couldn't do all this a yr. ago. Ask to be taken to healing beds on Gods space ships and it will be done. 💞💖🙏🥰💝💖🐕🐕


  5. It is June 10th as I write here. An earthquake happened in the Cleveland area. I hope you are alright in spite of that happening. Let us know about it.

  6. Feeling vertigo spells so bad since Sat afternoon, feeling half in and half out of body. Difficulty in remaining in my human vehicle, it now feels like a clumsy heavy overcoat – prefer working in my light body now but my mission remains on Gaia. Sunday asked for adjustment on the vertigo and Acturians tweaked my energies within one hour – slept for two hours and then rebalanced for the past 24 hours. It is ok to ask for help if the ascension flu gets too intolerable. Blessings we are on the front lines and rocking it!

  7. I got the job this Saturday, after I had the interview on Friday, for a full time job as a Historical Interpreter, that will finally get my foot in the door into the Historical and Anthropological field.😊❤️🙌🏽

  8. 111 diamondlight code keeps showing up to me. It did just a few minutes before coming to comment here. Yesterday evening June 8th i did a diamond light meditation from a website interview replay. I have been feeling pressure in 3rd eye and pituitary in the last few days weakness tirednes and drowsiness. I feel the painful congestion and stuck energy on my upper back and neck left side is being released in the form of mucus through my throat. Thanks for the tips for grounding and latest updates. I had a dream the other night about lying on a little mobile bed dressed with white robe and waiting my turn to be healed in what looked like a healing centre not a hospital. I am wondering now if that could be a spaceship healing centre 😊
    Much Love & Light. Namaste 💙

  9. Saturday morning both ears were buzzing. Vibrations in the whole body. Spesially the legs. Sore eyes and feeling the neck. Sometimes I see a tiny blue circle for a short moment. I rest yesterday and part of this day.

  10. It's seems the last waves ( since one week ) was charged with a lot of clearing matters. After reading all the comments here I reconize my symptoms :
    – lower back pain ( kidney) , exhausted like never ( I sleept one week non stop) , going from no appetize to hungry like a bear , highly emotional/reactive , feeling of losing my mind.

    As an intuive empath I feel we are clearing the collective emotional body.


  11. I don't think there is any escape, because it's like rolling up a carpet. The crushing we are feeling is the crushing of the bad spirits/energy/disease. Everything in existance here is being recycled. Some don't want to take responsibility, so they get recycled instead.

  12. Woohoo I can feel them rockin these energies. Definitely new and changingvfaster than ever! So much love 💚thank you Paul for all you give 💚

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