Opposite Vinmec Central Park International Hospital Landmark 81 Vinhomes Central Pa

Opposite Vinmec Central Park International Hospital Landmark 81 Vinhomes Central Pa


Inheriting the prestige and outstanding quality of Vinmec Healthcare system, Vinmec Central Park International Hospital is the third hospital in the system to be officially put into operation. With an investment of over VND 1,200 billion, Vinmec Central Park has an area of 38,433 square meters, with 7 floors, 3 basements, 178 beds, 16 specialties and several support service centers. The whole system is invested with the most modern, advanced facilities with international standards.


Vinmec Central Park gathers a team of leading Vietnamese and international medical experts with excellent qualifications, experience, who are always enthusiastic and wholeheartedly dedicated to their patients. Besides, Vinmec Central Park frequently internationally collaborates with countries which have the best healthcare system in the world such as France, USA, Japan and Singapore to exchange specialist knowledge and transfer medical technology.

Also, our modern equipment optimally supports for diagnosis and treatment. Our space for medical examination and treatment is modern, luxurious and elegant with optimal sterilization. We utilize intelligent IT systems that allow the information sharing and connection online, which provides more flexibility for patients when registering and checking results, shortening their wait time.


With the advantage of being one of the hospitals in the most modern Healthcare system in Vietnam, the doctors of Vinmec Central Park regularly participate in training courses, exchange experiences and hold a consultation with other doctors in Vinmec system as well as foreign experts in order to update the most modern knowledge and techniques and also find the best treatment options for patients.


Emergency Department

Center of Oncology

Paediatrics &Neonatology

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology


Outpatient Department and Internal Medicine Department

Outpatient Unit
Check–up Unit
Gastroenterology –Hepatology-Endoscopy Unit
General Surgery Department

Imaging and Radiology Department


Anesthesiology Department & ICU

Anesthesia and Pain management Unit
Operating theatre – Infection control Unit.
Center of Cardiology

Unit of Cardiology – Cardiovascular Interventions

Cardiothoracic Surgery Unit.

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