Origin Games not INSTALLING Error FIX!! (Any Origin Games) w/BF3

Origin Games not INSTALLING Error FIX!! (Any Origin Games) w/BF3

I myself faced if this problem when trying to install battlefield 3 and i managed to find a solution after quite some digging around the intern et and so i decided why not make a video about this.

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39 thoughts on “Origin Games not INSTALLING Error FIX!! (Any Origin Games) w/BF3

  1. how to download the need for neat with orgin i have not orgine accoutn i cant not buy it

    reply me as soon as possible

  2. I have another problem, If I try to download a game it just remains at 0 and tells me I need Windows' prompt permission to click "yes"… that notification from windows to click yes doesn t appear… How can I fix this? someone pls help me

  3. Hey! My origin won't downlowed Apex Legends and I have no idea why … It just says "Continue" and it wont do anything. I can' stop downlowding and I can't pause it. Can someone please help me?

  4. What should i do if my sims four has been oaused over night by me and now in the morning i want to play the dowload so resume it but there is no option to ans ive re loaded the game and computer and i sm on the internet it’s literally just saying its oaused and i fant do anything to play the download

  5. For me it is showing "Resuming", but it never starts downloading. I tried this, it didin't work… I can't cancel it or do anything with it.

  6. hey bro i have a problem i have origins setup and isnt opening even after opening as administrator
    plz help me fix this problem

  7. OMG FieryFlare! I've been struggling with downloading the Sims Medieval EP and nothing ever worked! I was like this won't work as well, but hey let's try it and IT DID WORK! I can now finally play the game! You sir, are a legend! Thanks so much 🙂 <3

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