Rainbow Six Siege – In Depth: HOW TO USE WARDEN – Operator Profile

Rainbow Six Siege – In Depth: HOW TO USE WARDEN – Operator Profile

Rainbow Six Siege – In Depth: HOW TO USE WARDEN – Operator Profile
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33 thoughts on “Rainbow Six Siege – In Depth: HOW TO USE WARDEN – Operator Profile

  1. I must say if you want an operator that you want and you’re getting him with renon DONT get that operator and then get warden or if you’re buying credits I say it’s a waste of money

  2. How to fix him easy everybody know how just make him two speed, or give him acog, Fix his glasses so he can see through smoke without staying still

  3. Idk who should I buy Kaid cause he’s pretty good his shotgun is nice or warden sucks really bad but has stylish glasses and cool running animation this battle goes to warden

  4. Fun fact. Warden is running at high port. In the military, it’s how we run with a gun and the most tactical and proper way to run with a gun in combat. I found it interesting that Ubisoft added that and also noticed the new COD seemed to add it.

  5. I like Warden because he's an operator where you can't rely on gadget for everything you have rely on knowing when to activate it and when to save it personally they should have given him a weapon with longer range to be effective at holding down the objective but if you roam around the objective but don't stray too far from it he works perfectly

  6. Looks like im actually the only one who likes warden lol. Just fits my play style. although i do expect when he loses his impacts im gonna be a little dissapointed.

    just a thought but wouldnt an interesting buff be to give him smokes? i dont think that would be too op, and i expect itll introduce a whole new playstyle.

  7. Hey man, nice video. I picked him up today and was having trouble playing him since I didn’t know how he should be played in the first place. This helps a lot and I can’t wait to put this to use in game

  8. He needs some kind of buff.
    His ability should be fully effective even when moving and last a little bit more, he needs another primary option, the mpx is a pea shooter and should at least be given an acog, however I'd replace it with something else like alibi s gun without acog or at the very least replace his sas shotty with the gign shotty which is a bit better.

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