Running Man #147 Kim Jong Kook Scolded By Ahjumma

39 thoughts on “Running Man #147 Kim Jong Kook Scolded By Ahjumma

  1. We all grow up with them… no matter when we are moody or sad they always make us laugh… our hyungs and noona… wish you all the best happiness and health always… love you all so much <3

  2. When Gary asked “Why? Why?” Hahaha he looked like a little boy. He’s so adorable! I love how he’s so funny and kinda at everything!

  3. This episode is the first time I watch runningman. and it is so funny from the beginning until the end. my senior is so sly introduce this episode first of those many. and I've became runningman fan ever since

  4. I watched this episode the most xD like 10 times already xD everything is so funny in this episode.
    Soohyun, that handsome pabo Oppa And Running man just work so well tgt xD

  5. One of the best thing about Kwang Soo is he alwayssssss have perfect timing for everything 😂😂😂 like the universe works for him kekeke anyway that ahjumma really has sense of humor just like her 'son' lol

  6. Kwangsoo saying "it's this hyung" to the store owner hahahahahaha he said the same thing to his dad when they all went to his work place

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