Sci-fi Short Film: Remnant

Sci-fi Short Film: Remnant

After a war between conglomerates has devastated the world, a remnant soldier wanders the desolate lands in his mobile mech unit searching for power sources.

Director: Andrew Wong (
Soldier: Alex Kizir
Music: Andreas Widegren (
Sound Design: Carl Lihnell (
Re-recording Mixer: Henry Karlsson
VFX: Andrew Wong


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47 thoughts on “Sci-fi Short Film: Remnant

  1. Are you serious? Is this the best you can do? Running through a hail of fire? .. This must be the most stupid person EVER thinking out this plot.

  2. Excelente propuesta, pero quisiera la pelicula completa. Saldra en algun momento? Eh buscado en la red pero este es el unico video q sale REMNANT

  3. Подписался, но видео полное дерьмо. Тема сисек не раскрыта. Дизлайк.

  4. Andrew, this was really freaky. Its like reading 3 paragraphs of an epic novel. And then the book is lost in an airport. And it will haunt forever – what was the rest of the story? Thank you for this.

  5. Чё за шэдэвр! Какой полёт режиссёрской мысли, какая потрясающая игра актёров, что за невероятно закрученный сюжет, весь фильм держал в напряжении и такая не предсказуемая развязка я прям ну не ожидал совсем!!!!……. Как это говно развидеть подскажите мне тепееееееерь????

  6. Andrew and crew, pretty cool movie. I'm a Mech Warrior fan from way back, cool stuff. Are those things for sale yet, I mean, that film was footage of a test drive, right? 🙂

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