SCP-1173 The Islamic Republic of Eastern Samothrace | Euclid scp

SCP-1173 The Islamic Republic of Eastern Samothrace | Euclid scp

SCP-1173 is a memetic phenomenon centered around a delusional belief in a political entity, known as the “Islamic Union of Eastern Samothrace,” “Ισλαμική Δημοκρατία της Ανατολικής Σαμοθράκης” (in the original Greek), or “IDAS.”

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Written by Eskobar

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23 thoughts on “SCP-1173 The Islamic Republic of Eastern Samothrace | Euclid scp

  1. This originally was going to be the last part of the story as a patreon request. If I had read the last bit by itself it would of been very confusing to everyone who isnt familiar with this SCP, so I went ahead and read all the of parts together for clarity! Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving and the next video is on friday night!

  2. Now that I think about it, isn't this SCP one of the countries that was effected by SCP-3812, along with Alagadda (SCP-2264-B)?

  3. The Islamic Republic of Eastern Samothrace's Sultan of Capricious Purity 1173 Star General does not approve of this message

  4. Did you all hear about what happened when that one cleric guy was preaching in the streets over there? Hell, even Iraq looks when you're coming from that shithole.

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