SKT Clid, The True Lee Sin God (2019)

SKT Clid, The True Lee Sin God (2019)

Clid is an absolute monster with Lee Sin. I’m 200% sure the other MSI teams are gonna perma ban his Lee Sin in 2019 MSI.

Track: KIRA – New World [NCS Release]
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35 thoughts on “SKT Clid, The True Lee Sin God (2019)

  1. This guy improve now, he's champ pool increased, if after spring I thought Tarzan still best lck jungler, right now Clid 1st for sure

  2. 6:51 look when irelia died. there was a McDonalds' Logo at the rock beside her. Figure out what it was b4 u click See more

    It turns out to be Xaya's feather

  3. I feel like Clid inherited good traits from both lpl and lck. He is aggressive in the early game and engages fast in teamfights. Also, he is super smart on reading where the enemy jungler is and plays around vision very well.

  4. SKT 2018: We would like to take a break this year, so we just let our relegation teams to give u all the slightest chance to win worlds
    SKT 2019: Who the fuck said that the gap is closing? We're back,bitch.

  5. Nice vid as always, i have been following your channel for 5 years now. Sometimes im curious whos the guy behind this channel anyway keep up the good work oplolreplay!

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