Star Citizen 3.7 Poll shows players are not interested in the Mantis

Star Citizen 3.7 Poll shows players are not interested in the Mantis

Are Star Citizen players interested in the RSI Mantis? A poll conducted on this channel seems to show that they are not. All the details here

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42 thoughts on “Star Citizen 3.7 Poll shows players are not interested in the Mantis

  1. the mantis will be great once both "sides" can use it. or just waiting for the anti mantis tool. getting a little tired of "pirate only" gamaplays to be honest.

  2. Well it's a very specialized vehicle sooo…. Will be probably very important to have for an org but not for a single player

  3. Had I been there for the poll (was away) the mirrored disinterest about the Mantis might have even been more pronounced. ^^

  4. I’ve been saying the mantis should have a variant where instead of a interdiction device it just has massive shields that have two modes. One mode can expand out to protect a few small ships that could fit in the bubble. Or you could block for a wounded capital ship. Maybe make it last only a little bit and then deplete the ships shields and they have to re charge. With regular mode its shields could be super strong and with the other mode it’s much weaker but larger area. With its lame duck guns this could be a great for newbies and bad pilots like me. Since the ship has excellent survivability to allow you to constantly poke the enemy that’s dog fighting your friends and you can help out other advanced players getting them into a fight unscathed. Would be pretty nice I would buy that.

  5. It's a specific ship for a single role – why would everybody want to have one? The votes are actually surprisingly good, even if only half those people get the ship.
    Personally, I think the Mantis' design isn't great. It doesn't look finished and overly simplicistic, like a quickly designed and modeled ship. Compared to all other ships we've seen lately, I think this one has the least appeal. But in the end, it's always good to see more ships in the verse.

  6. Will the community be a fair represent and match the sales figures? Maybe a follow up video to include number of Mantis ships sold versus SC accounts created to see if your poll is a fair representation on the community, Maybe the numbers will match or be reasonably similar.

  7. I flew the mantis and i really liked it sadly its not good enough at enough things to be a keeper .i thought it might make a good delivery vehicle since its nice to fly .. I wish the mantis had 15 cargo or some other capabilities

  8. I think wether people like it or not, it's a crucial part of the game. Imagine if the mantis didn't exist? I'm glad cig focuses on the small details. I believe it helps balances the game.

  9. I got interdicted this morning and my ship got destroyed by these meteorites that came from nowhere. I thoight they fix this bugs…

  10. The Mantis as a ship in lure makes sense given you already have ships with EMP devices in them. However it is like any other single purpose ship, the Mantis not of any value to the average player and people who are looking beyond PvP and PvE FPS combat. The Mantis is meant for people who want to do bounty hunting missions and are part of an org or team of bounty hunters since it is not capable of winning a firefight with other ships of its size or larger. People are probably also disappointed it was not the big heavy bomber the chatter for whatever reason believed the Mantis was going to be.

    I actually really like the fact, CIG have balanced it so heavily that the very last thing a Mantis owner will want to do is use the interdiction tech blindly. (1) Need permission to use it in UEE space otherwise crime stat, (2) interdict and your ship power draws down and weakens other ship systems including guns and shields (3) lead up time to recharge interdiction stuff (4) according to yesterday's SCL counter measures will be coming down the road to minimize or eliminate the interdiction stuff on the Mantis.

    The Mantis like all combat orientated single purpose ships will probably be of more use in 3.8 if an when the Pyro system is introduced.

  11. of course not, Cos a good portion of the players dont give a moist shit that this is supposed to be a MMO RPG FPS hybrid game, they just want efficient gunboats to fly them selves.. like in EVE and No man sky and others,they think of this as Freelancer, its NOT! It has aspects of it but in this you should actually socialize like in other MMO games.. sadly good portion of players of dont want to play in a group where people actually have rolls… its pathetic…

  12. Its not so much the ship I don't like the its the interdiction mechanics. Interdiction should be more like fishing with a rod then with a net.

  13. Today in Hangar 008 at Lorville – saw Mantis takeoff – beautiful ship – but in the game – what is the point? Pulling people out of quantum – Not for me, anyway.

  14. Yeah, the western cuisine is not yet adapted to the use of insects as food. Maybe fried mantis with a spicy sauce is the right way to sell it.

  15. The conclusion should be "The majority of TheEradicator YouTube viewers are not interested in the Mantis". You can't assume that your viewers represent a perfect cross-section of the entire player base. Like taking a poll on FTR's channel on how many players think SC is a scam wouldn't produce an accurate result of overall player base.

  16. You get a felony the moment you activate it.. Not many want to be Pirates. If it could be used to interdict pirates without instantly getting a crimestat, it would be different.

  17. More armor and more guns would make it a pain in the ass for evrey one. What a bad idea ! Everyone knew it would be a specialized ship meant to work along with accomplices. What are people complaining about ?

  18. Gorgeous exterior design, but people don't need it. Orgs need it.

    I think the strat here is to sell people a ship for every task in the game. This ship in particular felt like it was shoved down our throats. Took forever to reveal. Lots of media on it. Developers running around lending them out. All for what? A ship that needs large groups, if they were going to push this mechanic this hard they probably should have done after the server cap was increased

  19. I could agree with that statement…Broad appeal? Or appeal to a small-ish groupe of players? Give us a stripped down model for cargo…might be more interest

  20. The Mantis is a niche ship – only useful for bounty hunter or pirate ambush support. Other than that it's a shiny new piece of trash. Combat? Nope Utility? Nope Industrial jobs? Nope Cargo? Nope. CIG knew this, which is why the price tag was only $135 and it was a quick crash grab bump for CIG's wallet. I'm not hating, CIG is a business and a cash boost is always worthwhile but the community wants content, not ships now.

  21. Nice optic but not a ship in my favour. Neither I like it nor I am looking forward to that mainly pirate mechanic. It will chew away on my income on trading runs as it urges me to hire an escort. In the end I understand it's necessity to make the verse more interesting.

  22. Give me an RSI alternative to the Sabre and Hornet series n I'll buy it, but a very unconventional and weak one trick pony, is not for me.

  23. I was waiting for the mantis because the leaks said would be a long range fighter…ate the reveal, I decided to upgrade my arrow to a MIS, and I can't be more satisfied with the upgrade

  24. I think your interpretation of the statistics are a tad off without asking similar questions of past direct to release ships and comparing. Mantis has the unfortunate position of being built to interact with other potentially hoatile ships but not engage them in combat so I imagine it will be slightly below average than straight combat ships too.

  25. Most problem wth mants now is that you are need an organzed group of frends to use it properly. Lonley mantis is dead mantis. In current shape most of us just dont have a reason to gather and make prolonged bonds with others.

  26. I thi k they should make a version of the Mantis WITHOUT the quantum stopping stuff, you know just make it a regular ship with more defense and offensive weapons.

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