STD Glossary: HPV

STD Glossary: HPV

Lola, a sex educator, teaches us about HPV.

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32 thoughts on “STD Glossary: HPV

  1. Wtf… vaccines needed for sex??? Nobody taught me that… dont be silly… theres allways a risk, and when you have a partner, its intimate… so you will contract a cold or similar, but also those deceases… wow… can not touch a partner with this… and it causes cervic cancer, jeez, why havent they told us about a way to contain or get ridd of it…

  2. Dam dawg I sometimes forget to wash my hand when i beat my meat right after im done getting high five

  3. every infectious thing is always around sex.. and sex is considered the most delicate thing. yes it is.. but the most dangerous thing as we.. i'm not talking about hiv, but the pregnancy…

  4. I’m sused out 1/4 people that’s scary to think about I fuck a lot of chicks how safe is the latest generation

  5. I went to a hospital in India….big one…
    For STD check up.
    They only tested me for HIV…
    What if I have herpes.
    Non of these places do anything
    In india..
    Am in Bangalore

  6. Hpv type 6 and 11 that cause genital warts is not a big deal,does not cause cancer.Hpv type 16 and 18 are the ones linked to cervical cancer.Got the vaccine that covers 9 strains.

  7. The Gardasil vaccine is well known to have severe side effects, especially for women, which are the main targets of that vaccine. And before you call me an anti-vaxxer (which I am not), you should know that not all vaccines are created equals. Like everything else, there are well-made ones and badly engineered ones.

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