Tethrd Mantis & H2 Saddle Overview

10 thoughts on “Tethrd Mantis & H2 Saddle Overview

  1. Just for clarification on the sizes of the H2 saddle and the Tethrd Mantis. The H2 was a Medium and the Tethrd was a Large

  2. I too have the Kestrel Flex. Last year I hunted out of a Mantis. I liked it ok but it rode up on me all the time. The flex is much better but I am intrigued by your remarks about the back webbing not getting tight on your back. I notice with the Flex that I do get some of that digging in feeling from the top webbing.
    Wish I had the funds to purchase all the saddles on the market so I could try them all. The one that Wild Edge is making sounds like an excellent one as well but I’d sure like to try the H2.

  3. Keep uploading!!! Good luck with growing your channel! Did you ever check SMZeus??? It could help you get your videos higher in the search results!!!

  4. When you get the Kestrel flex I'd like to see your comparison to the h2, I've tried most but not the h2. And I bought the flex and it's very comfortable.

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