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  1. Retreat centers in earth ships would be cool thing. Self-sustaining environment for sure! Offgrid housing, no wireless networks, often in peaceful locations… why not to combine two great things? Lot's of synergies there. Earth ship architechture would benefit from increasing amounts of visitors and getting some publicity. 🙂

  2. LoloLove888ev0L/EvEnLEE333iS iT! aLLsouL666NowHere. Get it, God iT, G(*)(*)D. 999 GreatisOnesDivinity 777 Henceforth for forty×Time× aLLways ()N changing, channelliN, chanceS 555, any, and,dnA.LLoL I F E.ntity fastiN tW0! 2, sWORDs. re:Member, RE:Sign-iNl|atE/erY G.O.D Re:Legion. Gaurdians.Of.DeVine>=<GreatOneDies Just US ii'S AS Genius Of Deception upON then Human aLLsouL nowHeir GenesisOriginalDisign (1)(4)(4)

  3. Brother Paul i was listening to your Vedo on your life and i must say you are a stand up man and i respect every thing you do brother paul and when the time cumes for us the lightworks to put in work it wood be a honer to stand by your side brother paul in this time love and light !!!!!!! .be well brother paul😇😇😇😇😇😇😇.DNA DNA DNA DNA DNA DNA DNA 7/7/77 brith weight 2pounds 14oz=7777777 brith time 3:27 pm wensday……. Ps my little angel says hi brother paul😇.john charles kloss

  4. The only great love is that Jesus Christ died for your sins.! To set you free from your sins and saved us from God’s wrath 🔥
    Romans 5:9 since we have now been justified by his blood how much more shall be saved from God’s wrath through him.🙌🏻

  5. The sacred famine will take you to the light of Lucifer.!!
    Luke 13:3 Jesus said: I tell you; unless you repent you will all likewise perish 🔥

  6. Orthodox Christian Pascha (Easter) is 28 April. Holy Fire comes on Saturday at the Holy Sepluchre. Just saying there is more than one Easter.

  7. I would like to meet you. Please let me know if/when you visit Columbus, this is my home. I appreciate you keeping me updated daily with what's going on in real time. Gives words to what is happening. Thank you for all your hard work and I appreciate your discipline. I love you.

  8. Divine feminine and masculine remind me of the baphomet🤨 half man half woman… use discernment and read the BIBLE only🙏🏻

  9. Today i keep.getting synchronicities with Master Number 111 (Diamond lightcodes , Divine Feminine) either as time or when i pause a player and i see it paused at 1:11 or 11:1. Just before coming online a few minutess ago I saw 44% and 10: 11 pm on my phone and Wow on playing youtube video ACIM lesson 110 with Jesus commentary I paused it and saw 3:33.
    Symptoms : Upper back left side nagging burning pain , weakness and fatigue. Yesterday and today Good Friday keeps raining and dark stormy clouds are covering Valencia skies, in Spain.I suspect it is caused by evil chemtrails. When i see them in the evenings the next day is usually cloudy and rainy. Thus i could not get sunbath and i wonder if i missed the 5D plasma energy and gamma frequencies although there has been an orchestra of symphonies playing in my right ear. Thank you for keeping us updated and sharing the knowledge. Much Love & Light and many Blessings to you and angel kitty 💚💛💜

  10. I have started Butterfly Landing in Bayboro, NC. Also, my Birthday falls on Easter this year! I will be 51! 5+1=6, 6=3+3, Jesus died at the age of 33. I'm so Blessed to share the celebration of my birth with His Resurrection! LOVE LIGHT BLESSINGS AND HEALING!

  11. Accelerate the divine templates through ascension for the BeLoveds the twin flames and the advance technologies of sacred geometry activating now but protected from the antichrist who has created a metaphysical hell for the original templates. the unfolding begins for the physical 3D while in alignment with the many alignments coming into being with the source that is love the feminine Christ the Goddess mother God is back and has awakened and has come. 3:33

  12. I cannot believe I've found 3 hour black line (=Timeline Jumping) on Schumann Resonance. The timeline on the Earth should have been jumped a lot! The ascension of the Earth must be near. Yesterday, the Earth was wobbling really wildly according to USGS Heiplots. Yellowstone seismogram is getting active, too.

  13. Burning of false alters to be build a better world 💚💫💚my daughter name is patrice female french version of patrick I think 💖💫💖thank you 🌟

  14. I can’t stop crying this feels the most validating I’ve ever felt anything in my life, I waited my whole life for this moment in time …. 🙏🏼❤️🌎🙌🏻

  15. Farm community links between MI ,OH, and possibly south America’s … good investment opportunities in Farm direct full spectrum CBD link threw email 📧 !

  16. This was so powerful I can only cry, the burning of the house of Mary Magdalene, Notre Dame cathedral, was necessary to rebirth the equality of the divine feminine energy o Mother and Father God, as a cleansing for the patriarchal abuse done by the church for now we are awaking to the truth of our creation in the divine feminine/masculine balance for the Resurrection of Mary is as important as the Resurrection of Jesus…. please keep that thought and intention Close to your heart space as we shift back to the way we were intended to be And completed and define and masculine energy. This is crucial for all people on earth especially our children… sending INFINITE LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL BEINGS MAN WOMAN AMD CHILD THIS WEEKEND AS WE CELEBRATE THE REBIRTH OF THE FEMININE ENERGY AS SHE HEALS FEOM THE ABUSE AND POWER THAT MAY STILL HAVE RESIDUAL EFFECTS ON THOSE HEALING…. love you all ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🙏🏼🙌🏻💔🌎🎶. Thank you Paul and all my 144,000 light workers, star seeds, healers, angels and way showers …..

  17. 🥰💐🦋🌈🌏 Love this divine feminine energy. The only way I can handle this intense energy is to be in a half sleep state, I have been resting and sleeping a lot.😔

  18. 11:11
    The Numbered of the Uni-Verse
    Are gathering in the air
    Rehearsing for the service
    To give the day to share

    An open heart is beating
    Flowing red in harmony
    As waves of love are meeting
    To unite with destiny

    Words, like robes, are fitting
    As upon a shining steed
    The king of kings is sitting
    To fulfill the prophet's creed

  19. Going through my restoration and resurrection. Working on the divine self, preparing to go into the East….it is done. Thank you brother for staying grounded.

  20. Paul- After much confirmation from the Holy Spirit I will help you from Ecuador. Although I live in the cold parts of the Andes and your location is 2 hours south from me. My husband and I own almost 3 hectares nestled in Parcoloma Ecuador way above Cuenca. I have a BS and MENG in Agricultural and Bio Eng from Cornell University. I personalize in sustainable agriculture and minored in mechanical eng so I'm a builder. I designed and my husband constructed our earthquake proof home. So yes the precious Holy Spirit is on your side and it is time. I know several indigenous lawyers and those that have dual citizenship with the USA. I'm American but have total Ecuadorian citizenship and voting rights so I can buy land. You mustvhave voting rights to buy land. I went to your contacts page but the contact form is not working for me. I had to send you this message under this full moon (we experienced starting last night 4/18). Send me your email and I will send you the plans of my sustainable community and videos of the almost 30,000 meters squared we own. I knew the Universe was responding yesterday under full moon when some bank reps walked into our mini market yesterday and offered us an ATM with $3k in it! True story! We have an appointment with the bank next week. LOL! Much love & light, Tess

  21. I would like to know the pricing of the main product just to get an idea if its on a par with another one I know of but it looks very good, as they do everything for you!!

  22. 💜Healing Retreat Center 💜Ecuador Manifesting Love and Life💙Cleveland Manifesting Love and Life💙Eternal Love💙Thank You Paul Butler💙

  23. I also want to manifest a place for animals who do not have a place to live and heal, I would love to help them. Thank you Paul for everything you do, we are living the best time in our lives. Much love, light and blessings.

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