This hero DOES NOT LOSE Dota 2

This hero DOES NOT LOSE Dota 2

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In this video, Jenkins talks about what is very likely the best offlaner in Dota 2, patch 7.22g (other than MAYBE Night Stalker? Verdict is still out). He covers all the phases of how you can play Sand King to win some MMR.

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45 thoughts on “This hero DOES NOT LOSE Dota 2

  1. For some reason crappy Youtube keeps suggesting fcking jungle farming guides from Gameleap. Had to go shit a comment on one of their vids lol. Another good and informative video

  2. Is this for position 3 or 4? It's so confusing since SK usually isn't a core but a support, or so people tell me. Is the offlane role a mix of both then?

  3. Very nice video sir. I learned a lot from this vid.

    I'm 5k flat, sometimes got punished so hard when i play sandking against a trilane who buy 4 sentries at least during the first 5 mins of the game. They place sents to every place i cut the waves (around small camps, medium camps)

    Can i request a video like this about night stalker?
    I spam it a week ago, and gain 200 MMR and now im 5k.

    I'm having hard time with night stalker playing against trilane, still lv 3 at minute 5, so im not sure if Im strong enough to roam . Then i just ended up staying at my terrible lane. This Hero doesnt have fast farming skills, so when i lose the Lane, i lose exp, i just ended up losing the game because i got punished so hard.

    I know there is something wrong, but i don't know what it is.

    Please help, thank you 🙂

  4. max sandstorm because u can sit in lane and nobody can contest u.

    Everybody buys wards. dies 8 times. In Archon rank. Smells fishy.

    Also i have gone for the regen several times (and won the vast majority of those games) while building radiance, core and tanky items. like heart, aghs, and blackmail, or sheivas. its fun .

  5. i safelane necro on that sk. 1 on 1 ,dk cried. i got 15mins rad + boots + 2 null. i didnt even bought sentry even once. ,my rank is divine 1.

  6. So this was the video bowie was talking about. Hahaha. I love both your channels. Hope you can colab. 😂😂😂

  7. Every single video of this channel is a fucking clickbait, im so tired of this titles.. " best hero in game" "never lose again", "op hero in the patch". This tendencious titles for new players are tilting me.

  8. This hero sucks!. Even in crusader they had sentries upon dusts upon sentries bro. lol i'll stick with my trusted offlaners

  9. Great video! Can you guys do a video on carry guide please? or a series of defined roles? I have a hard time understanding what to do at certain situations and I feel as if there was a job guide it would make it easier to think clearly when a decision making play has to be carried out.

    Thank you in advance

  10. Hey can you do a pugna guide? I’ve been playing mid pugna and it gave me good results but I always have problems with my itemization and timings. Need help pls :<

  11. Wow, SK is my most played most favorite hero, and you just showed me I've been doing it wrong all these years. Great video thanks Jenkins!

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