Top 4 Pokemon Fan Games – Pc Games

Top 4 Pokemon Fan Games – Pc Games

Top 4 Pokemon Fan Games – Pc Games –
– Top 5 – You can download Games on:
Pokemon Mega Advanture:
Pokemon Uranium:
Pokemon Zeta:
Pokemon Omicron:
Pokemon Reborn:

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49 thoughts on “Top 4 Pokemon Fan Games – Pc Games

  1. guys dont download pokemon mega from this link there is no game in his link just bunch of random videos i have wast my 7oo mb and some time also you dont just download from google

  2. Pokemon Reborn is single best Pokemon game EVER MADE (Including the original games), simply because it takes all the concepts of Pokemon games, that have gotten so repetitive and boring (get your starter, get a bird, go to a forest, go to a cave, visit some community center to be handed pokemon etc.) and then exaggarates them (how much training before the first gym?), flips them on their head (going to the backstreet of a backstreet and actually EXPLORING instead of going to an "exciting expirience" in a forest or a cave every 15 seconds), or enhances them to a degree where they become engaging (I don't wanna spoil anything if you haven't checked it out yet, but in this game story and lore actually matter and affect gameplay (it's not your typical kick the bad guys win the gyms storyline), with some pretty damn serious moments as well), and combining all of this it basically brings back the old experience of playing pokemon you've probably gotten numb to if you've played more than 3-4 games, and so it feels more Pokemon than actual Pokemon games with actual thrill of excitement when putting effort to find good pokemon and joy of exploration (not to mention the difficulty so it really feels rewarding). If you're an anime fan, think of it as being a Hunter x Hunter 2011 to Shonen genre, or Evangelion to mecha genre. It takes all of the stereotypical elements, exaggarates them, flips them around or enhances them, adds a dark twist to everything without being edgy, and it basically ends up surpassing anything in the medium it's been built from.

  3. the mega adventure game i tried to install it and when i wanted to extract the files it said the file is corrupted or something like that
    Do you mean thats a virus or what?

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