Types of Adjectives | Six Types | Parts of speech

Types of Adjectives | Six Types | Parts of speech

What is adjective?
Adjective is a word that describes Noun or Pronoun.

There are mainly six type of Adjectives
1. Adjective of Quality
These are the words that describe the quality of noun or pronoun.
2. Adjective of Quantity
They are words that describes quantity of nouns or pronouns.
3. Adjective of Number
They are Words that describe exact number of Noun.
4. Demonstrative Adjective
Words that point out a person, thing or animal.
5. Interrogative Adjective
These are Wh words which are used with nouns to ask questions.
6. Possessive Adjectives
These are the Words that are used to show ownership.

Also, the difference between Adjective and Pronouns is covered in the video.

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