Unbearably Sad!! | BREAKING BENJAMIN – “Red Cold River” REACTION!!!

Unbearably Sad!! | BREAKING BENJAMIN – “Red Cold River” REACTION!!!


Unbearably Sad!! | BREAKING BENJAMIN – “Red Cold River” REACTION!!!


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Unbearably Sad!! | BREAKING BENJAMIN – “Red Cold River” REACTION!!!

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40 thoughts on “Unbearably Sad!! | BREAKING BENJAMIN – “Red Cold River” REACTION!!!

  1. If you are reading this I want you to know how much you mean in this world! You are incredible! You are worthy! You deserve happiness! You deserve abundance! I am in your corner. I am here for each and every one of you. I really feel like the Hefnerds are all my family! Love you guys so much! I can't express my gratitude in words. Y'alls love and passion is so overwhelming and I am unbelievably thankful. Thank you guys! Have an amazing day!

  2. I love Breaking Benjamin, you need to listen to beartooth! Caleb lyrics are amazing and very meaningful. Take a listen to any of them.

  3. Dude they opened their show with the song and the energy in the room went from 100 to 1,000 they we're awesome live if you get a chance to see them DO IT!!!!

  4. I just finally got to see Breaking Benjamin live this summer and this video made me even more excited to see them than I already was!

  5. Alex – when the police lights where on and the cops held the dad, they had found the body…he then followed a witch and got shown a vision of how it happened, being his best friend who was there the whole time, kidnapped and killed her…

  6. The song centers around a father whose daughter went missing. He struggles with police to look for her, and eventually finds that a friend(?) actually killed his daughter and keeps her ribbon as a memento. He makes a deal with the devil and gets his revenge, and his punishment is shown in the Torn in Two video

  7. yeah, the vid has the father searching for his daughter, who this guy kidnaps and then kills. He finds him, beats him within an inch of life, and then he sees the angel of his daughter

  8. Im pretty sure this guy is full of shit and he's listened to rock, metal & hip hop his entire life. HE HAS A FUCKIN METALLICA POSTED HANGING ON HIS WALL!!! 343K dumb asses got TRICKED by this fraud. Im not saying his love of music is disingenuous, Im sure he loves music. But his entire channel is a fraud. I have around 14,000 songs on my itunes in addition to hundreds to cd's and albums and I love almost every type of music. With that said my first and last love is metal, but I also know the lyrics to every Nas song. So. For example, if I made a channel and posted a video saying "Metal Head's initial reaction to Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow," that would be disingenuous and fraudulent om my part so fuck me, right? Well….there ya go

  9. The one important note is that not only was the dad searching for his daughter. He found out his friend in the glasses kidnapped, raped, and murder her. So he killed him in revenge and was sent to hell for his sin which is continued in the music video that came out after this one

  10. His daughter was kidnapped and killed by the guy with the glasses. After visiting the witchdoctor, he finds that out nd seeks revenge. At the end his daughter comes back to stop him from killing the guy.

  11. One song Rush Tom Sawyer from Moving Pictures 1981 they are a 3 piece band Geddy Lee keyboards, bass. Lead vocals Alex Lifeson lead guitar and the professor Neil Peart drums and he writes all the lyrics they have put forth 45 years of awareness u should have a listen they are Canada's power trio thanks

  12. Sonwhat happened was he was given a vision of the truth which was that the pastor who was also helping him look for her was the one who killed her.

  13. Having lost my 19-year-old son. It's the worst thing possible. I've lost my brother, Mother and both Grandparents. The loss of my Son hits on a totally different level. I hope no parent ever has to suffer this, but I know some unfortunates will, I'm so sorry for what you are going to go through.

  14. Basically his best friend that helped him at the search party was the one who killed his daughter. He went to a native american shaman and sold his soul to her in exchange to see what happened to his daughter. He saw the truth and then went and proceeded to kill his best friend for killing her. And mid beat down his daughter emerged from the sky as an angel and took him with her to the afterlife. Then in the following videos you can see what happens next. I forgot the order but it’s probably in the comments

  15. New subscriber, you’re funny as fuck and I’m a huge Ben head, you gotta do tourniquet next 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ good shit bro

  16. React to BB – Dance with the devil and BB – Evil angel. From Meghalaya.

    I like your reaction out of any reaction channel out there.

  17. The father used something magical and nasty to find his missing daughter, and likely allowed himself to either become possessed or damned in the process.

    He found that his friend who was supposedly helping him search had in fact already killed her and taken her hair ribbon as a trophy. The father drags him back to the ‘red cold river’ where she died and beats him to death right there.

    At the end the daughter’s soul is released as her killer is dead, but the father can’t go with her to the afterlife because he’s damned. They both reach out for each other and (if you watch the next one) he inadvertently drags her to hell with him.

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